The Biggest Mistake Most Pastors Make

By Shawn Lovejoy

So pastors aren’t perfect, it seems. We do make mistakes. Lots of them, actually. So what could possibly be ranked as the #1 mistake Pastors make? Through, I’ve had the opportunity to connect with thousands of pastors around our nation and  world, and I’ve come to the conclusion that the most common mistake pastors make is not: having an affair or stealing the offerings, or even neglecting their relationships with God. The most common mistake I see pastors make is getting isolated. All the factors are there that make this the gravitational pull for us. Sunday’s always coming. The message has to top last week’s message. There are tons of meetings needed to pull that off every week. There are staff issues, congregational issues, weddings, funerals, counseling and crisis. Oh, and then we’ve got to get home at some point and pull our weight. If we get two minutes of free time, we feel like we need to be there and make up for lost time with our families.

All the while, guess what happens?  We look up one day and we don’t have any friends. We feel like we have no one in our life that really has our backs; not one person that understands what we’re going through. We don’t even have anyone to talk to about it. We’re lonely; discouraged and disillusioned; and we don’t know what to do next.

Isolation expresses itself in other ways: burning out; or acting out (we have an affair or do something else stupid); largely because we’ve at some point gotten isolated from real friendships that God could have used to encourage us and hold us accountable during the weak or tough seasons.

I have always felt this gravitational pull at work in my life. From the every beginning of Mountain Lake Church, I have worked hard to maintain  mentoring, coaching, and real friendships with other pastors. It has not been easy. However, I’m proud to say that today I have tons of friends I feel like I could talk to about anything! Mentors and coaches I can talk to about anything. Friends that call me just to check in; and vice versa. I can’t even measure the impact that having friends has had on my life and ministry.

The reason why we started was to bring pastors together and give them permission to be what God has called them to be and do what God has called them to do. Through our conference(s) and our coaching networks, we have always sought, not to just connect pastors to us, but connect pastors to each other.  If today, you’re feeling isolated, drop us a line. We’d love to help get you connected in our online or on-site coaching networks, or just hang out with you in February for our conference. Don’t stay isolated. I hope to be able to connect with you soon. I’d love to be your friend. Really…I do….because I still need friends too.

Registration opens in next 2 wks for our conference!

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Shawn Lovejoy

Shawn is the founding and Lead Pastor of Mountain Lake Church, Co-Founder of and author of In the last 10 years Shawn has led his church to go multi-site, plant churches, and into some of the most challenging places in the has become one of the most influential church planting ministries in the world, and he gives Jesus all the credit. Shawn loves his wife, his kids, the church, pastors, and Playstation. In that order.