Bicyclists Need New Church Plants Too

By Sean Benesh

The Bikeable ChurchThe Bikeable Church: A Bicyclist’s Guide to Church Planting is an off-the-cuff look and exploration into the bicycling world in Portland. More than that, it pokes and prods church planting in the urban petri dish to discover what it’d be like to plant pedal-powered churches. Chalked full of stories, antics, and slightly questionable research, The Bikeable Church spins forward the church planting revolution in light of the changing transportation infrastructure in cities like Portland, and asks whether we can truly start churches where the primary vehicle of use is the bicycle. This book is for the everyday bicyclist and ordinary church planter. You’ll be happy to hear that no spandex was worn for the writing of this book.

1. Journey Into Singlespeed Biking
2 Submerging Into Portlandia
3. How We Get Around Matters
4. Commuting Patterns and Churches
5. The Intersection of Missiology and Transportation Design
6. Why Grown Men Shave Their Legs
7. Reengagement
8. The DIY Bikeable Church
9. A Return To Simplicity

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Sean Benesh

Sean Benesh (DMin, Bakke Graduate University) lives in the Pacific Northwest and is the author of View From the Urban Loft: Developing a Theological Framework for Understanding the City (2011) and Metrospiritual: The Geography of Church Planting (2011). He is involved in urban ministry in the capacity of professor, researcher, consultant, Director of the Epoch Center for Urban Renewal, and church planter. He blogs regularly on various urban themes and topics at The Urban Loft.