1. Dear Beth Moore, thank you so much for your article at this heart-breaking time! True, our hope is in our Lord Jesus Christ!

    May God continue to bless your ministry!

    Nepal Jeewan-Jyoti Church
    Kathmandu, Nepal

  2. “Snide blogs and tweets and Facebook posts about various leaders can also be effective ways to jump in their spotlight. Bullies aren’t just mean. They’re self-serving. They’re platform-hunting. They have to borrow one to perform.”

    Where is the evidence to support this? My experience with being bullied was from people who were popular or “in the spotlight” who tried to demean those who were different and/or loners without a lot of friends. Bullies usually prey on the weak and defenseless, not the powerful and well-known. Maybe another word to describe these attackers would have been better in this context.

  3. We are to weep with those who weep and the death of Matthew Warren is tragic. There are so many christians who are sincerely mourn with and are praying for the Warrens. I can’t even begin to imagine how much it hurts to loose your own child.

    However, I will say this: it is not wrong at all to point out someone’s very bad theology. That’s what christians do because God commands it, so that His name is not blasphemed, that truth may not be blurred with false teaching, and so people won’t be deceived. This is a matter of eternity.

    The article is unfair because not only is it a double standard, but it very much seems like it’s meant to silence the criticism of those who disagree with Rick Warren and are able to back up what they believe with sound biblical teaching.

    We are to love people, make no mistake about it. But that doesn’t mean you do it at the expense of truth.

    • I agree. I haven’t seen his critics going after him for this. People with sound doctrine experience great tragedies. But the people Warren has been trying to curry favor with (i.e. the world) were the ones posting hate toward him. Mark Driscoll (for all the issues I have with him) called them out on it, rightly. I don’t know where Beth Moore is getting her information. But those of us with concerns about Rick’s theology can’t erase our concerns expressed in the past (and likely will continue to be expressed, if he doesn’t change anything) and I’m not sure what that has to do with anything. She’s also been called out numerous times for her errors and likely is feeling the pinch. It’s sad that the people in authority over her refuse to do anything to correct her, so that she can dismiss the concerns of us nameless unimportant little people who are feeling the oppression caused by her legalistic/moralistic/higher life preaching.

  4. Beth, that was so well written, thank you. The body of Christ needs to take note of this and truly act in love. We appreciate you.

  5. Amen!

  6. Bless you and Thank you – I am encouraged-

  7. Beth, I agree completely. There is a distinct and deep pain in feeling “Christians’ inhumanity to Christians” – because the Body is supposed to be where we are safe. So much of this, however, comes out of reward-based theology – this idea that God only rewards goodness, and God always punishes sin. So if a person is not getting “the good stuff” in life, others believe they can remote-diagnose sinfulness and call it out in so-called “righteousness.” (And it’s so much easier to judge “them” than ourselves.) I may not agree with Rick Warren’s theology or his politics – but I would never attack his humanity, his home, and his pain in the way “good Christians” are doing. I hope the Warrens can find encouragement from those who love them to carry them through this.

  8. Oleda Atkinson April 10, 2013 at 7:48 am

    What an amazing read! Believers need to take heed!

  9. Wow! This post was full of life-giving truth. Thank you Beth!!

  10. we need to hear more of this from the pulpit. Been here myself

  11. Beautifully spoken, Beth. Thank you for sharing this.

  12. Amen!! We must judge ourselves, not each other. May the Lord gain each believer to truly love as He loved. They will know that we are His disciples when we have love for each other. Lord have mercy on your church. Cause us to love as you do.

  13. Well said, Beth. Let’s all do better to love instead of pointing fingers of judgement upon one another. They will know us by our love for one another.

    • Beth did not call anyone a bad name or say anything bad about a particular person. The list you
      wrote is actions not people. We all know that there are people out there that are hurtful (and everything else on your list) but Beth never mentioned a name or called any particular person a bad name. That is what slanderers & hateful people do. They name names. You cannot deny that there are people out there
      that do bad things & try to hurt other people. The courts are full of slander cases. She said this is what people do (action) and in her opinion we as Christians need to stop hurting other Christians. Who could possibly argue with that?

      If Beth got on her platform and said the sky is blue but I believed that it is really white then instead of me getting on her platform & saying Beth is wrong, I need to get my own platform and tell people that the sky is white. People can believe me or Beth. That is their God given right. Follow Jesus’ example. Ask ourselves “What would Jesus do?” Jesus comes down hard on sin. He comes down hard on people’s actions but He did not come down on people. He loves people & He gave his life for us. In my opinion I believe Beth followed in Jesus’s steps by coming down hard on the bad actions of people & not any person their selves. Beth loves people with the love of Christ but she hates sin with the same fervor
      as Jesus.

      • Marilyn…. she said bloggers, etc… are and have and do, so it’s about particular PEOPLE. The real issue is that Ms. Moore decided to use this as a way to shame people into not saying something about what they perceive as bad theology. Bad theo is bad theo, no matter what.

        Your last paragraph is exactly what you say, just in reverse. For all the times I’ve heard that Jesus is audibly speaking to people in this world, you’d think Christians would be better at knowing what God wants. However, many of those who have been ‘revealed’ to, are pushing ungodly principles, shamanistic teachings, repetitive chantings, labryinth’s, homosexual marriage, divorcement papers, etc…etc…etc…

        By the way, I fear no man or woman including the writer of this article. I think it’s somewhat dishonest to think that you or pastors can make comments in the public and not expect to be taken up on them publically. I’ve tried personally to contact high ‘ranking’ pastors and even placed my opinions in emails directly to them or, on their webpages, only to be told to keep my yap closed. Sorry, but if we can’t ask serious questions without being blasted, then don’t say anything publically. Only do so for your congregants.

        Lastly, bringing Mr. Warren and his family into this converstation at this time seems to me, to be in poor taste. Let it alone. Let him speak for himself just as Greg Laurie did after his son’s death.

      • “Beth did not call anyone a bad name or say anything bad about a particular person.” That’s the problem. You can now take all her accusations and apply it to WHOEVER YOU feel is being one of those things toward Rick warren. It’s a blanket accusation, just like dropping a crate of ammo in the middle of no-man’s land in a war and then expecting neither side to try and use it.

        And yes, the bloggers aren’t just personalities, they’re real people too, with real concerns, with no way to air concerns other than blog. No way to reach the Warrens in their ivory towers, because they have insulated themselves from substantial criticism. IF you read Purpose Driven Church and “Transitioning” by Dan Southerland you can see how they teach these pastors to remove obstacles (i.e. people who would question and challenge) one by one, until you have a bunch of yes men around you. And that is exactly what these pastors do.

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