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  1. Just great insights. Every person willing to be a pastor should carefully pray about it before: love people.

  2. Well done, I’ve pastored for 24 years and everyday I find myself asking, “Do I love the way Christ loves?” It’s easy to love those who love you back and most the church does that, but what about those who don’t? Those who have personal agenda’s, power struggles or who just don’t like you? I’ve found I’m able to love them through Christ, with grace. Where the church does have business aspects it’s not a business. it’s a family and relationships comes first. The only way I’ve been able to survive this long is by becoming a living sacrifice for Christ and dying to self…my reward is coming later, so I keep my eye on the mark!

  3. Love, so much it hurts, when your children (church), fails to love back. For 10 years I pastored a church that ate itself alive. I still have the love for God’s people and to pastor. Yet, I have the fear of getting hurt again and seeing God hurt.

  4. Great wisdom! I’ve been in pastoral ministry for over 25 years and have been confronted by each of these questions as the Holy Spirit grows my soul and my heart for ministry.

  5. Very well said my brother!