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  1. Karen Fitz La Barge August 4, 2017 at 4:23 am

    While I agree with this in the abstract, much depends on the communities you are called to serve and if there is enough resources to hire the staff to be free to do this. I noticed there is no house cleaning or child care or homework help on your docket. Who cooks and does the dishes? I fear your white male big affluent suburban church privilege is showing.

    • Karen, in fairness, I think you may be making assumptions about Brian based on what he didn’t say. He’s speaking as a professional leader to other professional leaders. I’ve heard Brian teach on marriage and can assure you he’s involved in the mix of things that go into parenting.

      Having said that, if your comment were perhaps less personalized to the author, you do make a good point. One of my mentors who was a fantastic leader and preacher would sometimes ask me if I was doing my “chores.” He meant that it wasn’t enough to lead a successful professional life if I wasn’t sharing life entirely with my spouse.