Announcing SUMS: A Free Book Summary Tool


For years I have dreamed of providing a best of class and totally free book summary service to church leaders. Now its time! And it’s called SUMS.  Imagine getting 26 summaries a year absolutely free! What got me thinking about SUMS? I love reading, and I appreciate book summaries like most church leaders. But I wished […]

Do More of What You Do Best with 6 Powerful Secrets


Okay, I couldn’t resist calling these “secrets.” Why? Well, they are such as missing practice in ministry today, they functionally behave like secrets. You be the judge: Secret #1: Ask God for supernatural insight into your “ministry best.” He already knows what you can do best because he created you to do it. Every other […]

How Rick Warren’s Health Crisis Can Help Your Church

Rick Speaking

Today, I received an e-mail letter from pastor Rick Warren. He has experienced levels of pain requiring him to look into both heart and stroke related possibilities. (Thank God that everything is fine so far.) These issues force anyone to look again at the big picture. What would happen to Saddleback Community Church without Rick […]

How to Guarantee Your Job Promotion in Church Ministry

servant 2

#1 Stop Trying to Prove Yourself There’s nothing wrong with wanting a promotion, but you don’t want to minister with an unsettled spirit that’s always trying to push hard and overdo it. The tone of your action can overshadow the action itself. A secure leader with with lots of responsibility wants to delegate to other […]

4 Essentials to Achieving Your Life Goals


This post is the fifth and final in the Summer Dreamin series. I want to focus now on the tenacious chase of your dreams. How do your really “get-r-done,” when it comes to big life goals. How can you stay focused on the longer horizon but take small but real steps each day? When I […]

The Buck List for Believers: 4 Ways to Redeem Your Life Dreams


In this series we are advancing the  notion of  ”Bucket List Living;” that is, how do we experience a more meaningful life through goal setting. As my blog is directed toward ministry leaders, I want to deal briefly with the potential push-back to the series: Is it selfish to dream big and set goals for […]

The Six Elements of Compelling Vision Illustrated

Will's Graph

A few days ago I posted some church leaders take-aways from the Kony 2012, Invisible Children video, 70 Million Views in 7 Days: A Vision Analysis. I also mentioned  the opportunity to see this video through The Six Elements. (Grab the free tool on the previous post.)  Here are just a few observations of how […]

The 4 Reasons You Stopped Empowering Others (and What to do About It!)

Empowering People

Someone once asked “Are you going through life or are you growing through life?” I love that question. Right now I am going through significant transition in how I lead. I have never been more motivated by the maxim, “If you are doing what you did last year, you’re not growing.” One of the greatest growth challenges for any […]

3 Leadership Biases Holding Your Church Back Today

Three Biases

The single greatest advantage any company can achieve is organizational health. Yet it is ignored by most leaders even though it is simple, free, and available to anyone who wants it. – Patrick Lencioni, The Advantage With that bold statement, Patrick Lencioni delivers perhaps his finest work to date – no mean feat considering that […]

Four Disciplines For Leading with Clarity

Clear Vision

An organization doesn’t become healthy in a linear, tidy fashion. – Patrick Lencioni, The Advantage Patrick Lencioni’s latest book The Advantage is a comprehensive, practical guide, covering many of the topics introduced in one of his eight business fable books. But don’t make the mistake of thinking that this is just a repackaging – The […]

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