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One of the most prevalent online offenses of churches today is not having mobile friendly websites.

But before getting into 4 major benefits of having a mobile friendly website, here are…

5 defining factors of a mobile friendly website:

  1. Mobile friendly websites have larger text/buttons. Because of the nature of using your fingers to navigate, one of the many signs of a mobile friendly website is being able to cleanly select links on a page. This is easily accomplished by having buttons or pictures represent links rather than text. When text is used you have to make sure you’re giving ample space for a person’s thumb or finger to click on your link, otherwise, it’s not very friendly to the mobile user.
  2. Mobile friendly websites have large navigation panes. It’s common in responsive websites to have their navigation bar shrunk down to an incredibly small size in order to show on a phone or tablet. A true mobile friendly website will include an icon of some sort clearly offering the navigation menu to appear when clicked. When in use, the navigation menu will take up the entire screen in order to be large enough…

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Church Guest Follow-up

Easter, Christmas, and other special days and holidays can be some of the most highly-attended services your church will have. Here are five tips for preserving the fruit and following up well…

1. You can’t use information you don’t have

One of church’s greatest faults in followup is not getting information to begin with. If you plan on giving every visitor a phone call, or card in the mail, you first have to get this information from them.

2. Use every piece of information you ask for

The second greatest fault in followup is asking for information that you never use. If you ask people to give you their address, phone number, and email, and then only give them a phone call, you make people wonder what you ever did with their address or email. Did you sell the information? You obviously didn’t use it. You simply wasted their time by having them give you information you didn’t even use. So let’s make sure that this Easter, we only ask for information we plan on utilizing.

3. Thank them for coming

Nothing is more off-putting then an unloving, unthankful church. We are excited when…

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