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At Saddleback Church we say we are One Church Many Locations and in Saddleback Worship we place the idea of functioning as one team as one of our top team values. The transformative powers of a healthy and united team are unmatched. Here are some sweet points to help us remember what being one team is all about.

Unconditional Love

“Let love be your highest goal.” 1 Corinthians 14:1

A healthy team begins and ends with love. Unconditional love means that every team member is wanted and valued. Everyone is loved for who they are in Christ, and not just for what they bring to the table.  It means that the door is open for difficult conversations because there is an expectation and opportunity for growth – not exclusion and exile. A team that loves God and each other well is a team far greater positioned to lead and love its congregation with increased capacity and intensity.

Neutralize Division

“One team” means just that; we are one team. We are not Front of House, and Video, and Platform, and Production. Instead, we are worship leaders; all of us. We each have the responsibility of creating…

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