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I am a perfect dad.

Just don’t ask any of my three kids. No need to trouble my wife either.

Okay so I am not a perfect dad. Not even close.

So then why do I still have it stuck in my head that if I could only find myself in the perfect situation…parenting would be such a snap? And I think you know what I mean by “perfect situation.” It’s the one where no one is rushed for time and every head is cool and every child’s heart is open for parental wisdom.  It’s the world where our kids approach us after they’ve just finished washing all the dishes from our family supper and earnestly beseech: “Father, teach us from thine Scriptures. Our hearts long for eternal truth over the trappings of these temporal video games.”

Again, not even close.

Fortunately, the picture of family life painted in the Old Testament is just as chaotic as our own, if not more.  Life was full of challenges for the people of God. Family life even more so.  Think of it this way: when the people of God were not held in captivity, they were wandering in the desert….

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Radio Shack Ad

How many gadgets featured in this 1991 Radio Shack ad does your smartphone outperform today?

  • Mobile cellular phone with memory speed-dial & answering machine – Check.
  • All weather personal stereo, AM/FM clock radio, and calculator – Seriously?
  • Tandy 1000 computer – My 3-year-old Keurig is more complex.
  • Handheld recorder, desktop scanner – There’s an App for that.
  • VHS camcorder – Remember when your dad had one the size of a small piano?

Is it any wonder then, why we’re so attached to technology? It practically puts the whole world in our hands!

Studies show most people check their phone over 110 times a day. Americans also consume over 34GB worth of information every single day. That’s more than 10 hours of TV or 40,000 Facebook posts. Every. Single. Day.

A simple walk around the block means our devices stream data from a myriad of sources unbeknownst to us. And even at bedside, our TVs and tablets have access to more information and images than folks of a few generations prior had in their entire lifespan.

Neil Postman, author of Amusing Ourselves to Death & Technology: The Surrender of Culture to Technology put it this…

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