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Video TestimonyIf I were a pastor, I’d be tired.

Tired of walking up on that platform and talking to the same people every week who seem to never change. No matter what I say, how well I prepared, how passionate I am about Jesus, they yawn. They walk out. And it’s over.
I think they’re probably tired too. Tired of the drill. Get up. Get dressed. Drive to church. Walk in (quietly). Sing the songs. Pass the plate. Listen to the guy talk. Pray and leave.
What’s it going to take to shake this place up?
How can we stimulate people to get excited about their faith without judging them or send them running for the doors them?
I recently learned a valuable lesson from a friend who works for Chick-Fil-A, a company we all know and admire. He told me they focus their efforts on identifying and amplifying what he calls “raving fans”. “Don’t focus your energy and effort on those who are passive, or even against you. Instead, focus on those who are FOR you” he said. Get enough of them to “go public” with their enthusiasm and you’ll see things…

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