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CoachingConferences are good–they can be inspiring and helpful. They get you out of your environment so you have fresh eyes to learn. I’ve hosted conferences, and I believe in them.

Workshops or Seminars are also good–you have a bit longer to learn about a specific topic and even interact a bit with the other people who are learning. I’ve taught many workshops over the years.

But there is nothing like coaching.

A coaching environment is way different than anything else. A conference may have hundreds or thousands in attendance…a workshop could have scores…but the right coaching environment is personal and transformative for no more than 20 people. Everyone has a chance to be heard. Every story can be told and unpacked. Coaching happens over a period of weeks or months, so there is enough time between gatherings that life has a chance to happen. You have time and encouragement to roll up your sleeves and let down your guard with peers you grow to trust.

In a healthy coaching group, you find a safe place to discuss the unique circumstances you face without any fear of reprisal or judgment. You establish a network of new…

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