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Ministry LibraryImagine if someone took the best leadership and ministry books and squeezed them into a 5 minute video. Would you watch?

Ministry Library has launched a unique video service that helps busy pastors learn faster, apply more and lead better. Learning is a part of every leader’s life, but ministry is demanding and often pastors don’t have as much time for leadership development as we would like. With these quick videos, you can learn and apply the best ideas during your afternoon coffee break.

“Knowledge without application is meaningless” – Thomas Edison

Ministry Library doesn’t just summarize books, their videos focus on how you can apply the lessons and ideas to your ministry right away. The videos are filled with lists, tips, how-to’s and and extra material to help you better lead your ministry.

“You have surely done your homework. I don’t know anything quite like this.  I really love it.  Clean, organized, and easy to follow.  And above all, I can review this quickly.  You also have helped me to decide whether or not I need to purchase the book or not.”
Jason  –  Executive Pastor is still in beta and…

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Football Sunday is a 30-minute sermon-replacement video hosted by ESPN’s Trent Dilfer and presented by Featuring exclusive interviews with active and retired NFL players as well as players from both Super Bowl Teams (yet to be determined, naturally), this production highlights how the increase of Christ and the decrease of self (John 3:30) has played out in their lives; sometimes through experiences that are unique to pro football players, but more often through experiences that are common to all people and thus extremely relatable.

We hope the local Church will seize the opportunity to use the huge pop-culture event of the Super Bowl to invite in the unchurched. Two versions will be available: One with a Gospel presentation and invitation by former NFL player/pastor of The Rock Church Miles McPherson, and one without Miles’ presentation so that the local pastor may present the Gospel and invitation if they prefer. The package will also include a welcome video and a worship team tee-up video that churches can use at their option in service programming as well. Promotional and support…

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Two-day Conference — Feb. 20-21 — to Feature Will Graham, Jon Bloom and More Than 20 Influential Evangelists

WHEATON, Ill. — Evangelists from around the world will gather Feb. 20-21 in Chicago for the Wheaton Evangelism Conference (, an event aimed at encouraging and equipping a new generation of evangelists to lead revival.

The conference will be held in the Barrows Auditorium in the Billy Graham Center on the campus of Wheaton College in suburban Chicago and will feature the popular TED-style presentations. Seating for the conference is limited to 450 people, but it will be live streamed for free to thousands of people.

Speakers include Will Graham, vice president of the Billy Graham Evangelist Association (BGEA) and an evangelist who has led evangelistic events in countries around the world; Jon Bloom, author of Not by Sight: A Fresh Look at Old Stories of Walking by Faith and president of Desiring God; Jefferson Bethke, speaker, author and spoken word artist whose video “Why I hate religion but love Jesus” has more than 26 million views on YouTube; Dr. Sammy Wanyonyi, world evangelist and founder, president and lead communicator of Shine in the World Ministries; Ronnie Floyd, pastor of Cross…

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Tongue PiercedMentor to pastors and bestselling author Nelson Searcy, releases Tongue Pierced: How the Words You Speak Transform the Life You Live Jan. 1 from David C Cook. Written with Jennifer Dykes Henson, the book is based on one of Searcy’s most-requested audio resources by the same name and is meant to help readers take control of their words and build a better life. The core message of the book includes a “30-Day No Cursing Challenge.”

Words form the future (“I have a dream…”) and symbolize international milestones (“Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!”). Words ignite cultural clashes (think Dan T. Cathy and the Chic-fil-A controversy) and bind us to one another (“I do”). Words have the power to create our atmosphere; they ignite psychological connections; they shape our thinking, determine our actions and ultimately construct our reality. Foul language, curses and negative words have harmful consequences while well-chosen words bring life.

“Too few people understand the ability they have to influence their own circumstances with every word they choose to speak,” says Searcy. “Perhaps the most interesting thing about our words is that they are a direct…

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Rancho CapistranoSaddleback Church would like to serve you and your church by inviting the Executive Pastor to a 3-day, 2-night gathering in January of 2015. This exclusive, invitation-only event is for church leaders (Executive, Associate, or Administrative Pastors) whose weekly attendance averages 2,100 and 3,000. A second week will be offered for church leaders whose weekly attendance is between 9,000 and 15,000. We will be discussing topics that will entail practical, tailored conversations around serving the lead pastor and the church.

What you can expect

You’ll be surrounded by leaders like yourself:

  • Leaders who value time in a peer-to-peer learning session to get real wisdom from experienced leaders wired just like you
  • Leaders who are committed to strategic, interactive, out-of-the-box learning opportunities and willing to invest time and energy for their personal development
  • Leaders who want to be part of a controlled, safe forum who can be candid about the challenges they face while receiving honest, encouraging insight from others who understand ministr

You’ll be in an information rich environment:

  • 50+ hours of peer-to-peer learning sessions affording the opportunity to let down your guard with peers you can trust
  • A casual, authentic setting to get practical wisdom from a group…

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Football SundayMany church leaders in America aren’t quite sure what to do with Super Bowl Sunday. Over the past few decades, the Super Bowl has emerged as a major national event and church leaders have either seen it as competition or embraced it as an opportunity for evangelism. Pro Athleles Outreach, in partnership with NFL players and sponsors, have put together a powerful tool for churches to use to harness the energy of the Super Bowl for good, and they’re challenging churches across America to turn Super Bowl Sunday into Football Sunday.

It’s really quite simple. Pro Athletes Outreach will provide a video to replace what is normally the message time in the weekend service which features powerful testimonies. According to their website:

Football Sunday is an in-church video simulcast event uniquely designed around the Super Bowl. Treat Football Sunday like a guest speaker; simply add it to your service where the sermon would normally take place and invite your community to get an inspiring inside look at faith in the NFL.

Why not take control of all the commotion and potential distraction that comes with Super Bowl Sunday and use it to reach…

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With a goal of turning the stories of the Bible into a video game for all ages to enjoy, Ruben and Efraim Meulenberg, internet phenomenon and identical twins known as the “Tornado Twins,” have launched a Kickstarter,, to raise funds to develop several episodes about David, including the story of David and Goliath.

“The Game Bible Series” will be an epic 52-episode video game series to be released on multiple platforms and set to cover the entire Bible from Adam to Jesus, allowing the gamer to experience the entire biblical narrative in a side-scroller format — a game-genre where character, story and world-exploration come together.

The Meulenberg brothers have set a goal of $35,000 on Kickstarter, a crowd-funding social media site, to fund the first three episodes of the story of David. The first 10 episodes entitled “David, Rise of a King” will be fully funded at $380,000. Those interested in helping to fund “The Game Bible Series” have several options for donating, $5 and up. Each level of giving will allow a different level of access to “The Game Bible Series” before it is available to the general public.

“The stories of the Bible…

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By Bob Smietana 

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – One in four Americans suffers from some kind of mental illness in any given year, according to the National Alliance on Mental Illness. Many look to their church for spiritual guidance in times of distress.But they’re unlikely to find much help on Sunday mornings.

Most Protestant senior pastors (66 percent) seldom speak to their congregation about mental illness.

That includes almost half (49 percent) who rarely (39 percent) or never (10 percent), speak about mental illness. About 1in 6 pastors (16 percent) speak about mental illness once a year. And about quarter of pastors (22 percent) are reluctant to help those who suffer from acute mental illness because it takes too much time.

Those are among the findings of a recent study of faith and mental illness by Nashville-based LifeWay Research.  The study, co-sponsored by Focus on the Family, was designed to help churches better assist those affected by mental illness.

Researchers looked at three groups for the…

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Be the Message“I’m sick of sermons” are the first words in Pastors Kerry and Chris Shook’s new book launching today, Be the Message:  Taking Your Faith Beyond Words to a Life of Action (Foreword by Rick Warren, WaterBrook Press, September 9, 2014) as well as Be the Message Church-wide Challenge on Sunday, November 16.  Never ones to shy away from honesty and truth, Kerry and Chris go on to say, “Don’t get me wrong.  I love the call that God has placed on my life, and I love teaching His life-changing word.  I still believe there is deep value in all that.  But, increasingly, I’m feeling I talk so much about God that I sometimes fail to really experience Him.  I want to talk about God less and walk with Him more.  I want to hear about God less and experience Him more.”  In this interview, just as in their books, Kerry and Chris have chosen to speak as one.

First, since it’s coming up soon, what is the Be the Message Church-wide Challenge, and how can pastors get involved?

On November 16th we’re signing churches up now from…

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City on a Hill The Song ResourcesMegachurch pastor Kyle Idleman of Southeast Christian Church and City on a Hill Studio are on a mission to “Awaken Love” and reclaim the original vision of what God intended marriage to be through the national theatrical release of THE SONG film and accompanying resources.

“In our culture we are constantly hearing about love, sex, and marriage. These are the subjects of the songs we listen to, the books we read and the movies we watch. But the messages we have been receiving have left our love lives broken and cold,” said Idleman. “We want to awaken love in marriages and we look to what God has said about these important areas. After all he is the one who came up with the ideas of love, sex, and marriage; so he’s the one who knows what’s best. THE SONG film is a great date night movie that will point you to God who has the power to awaken love in your relationship.”

An integral part of the highly anticipated romantic drama THE SONG, which opens nationwide September 26, is a line of resources and curriculum based on Song of…

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Purple FishPurple Fish: A Heart for Sharing Jesus, by Mark O. Wilson was released last month by Wesleyan Publishing House and is receiving rave reviews from early readers who can’t put it down.

In this inspiring, practical book, Mark O. Wilson uses fishing and treasure hunting as metaphors, offering a fresh, new approach for sharing Christ with others, especially for those who feel inadequate and intimidated by witnessing. Purple Fish shows how it can be a delightful adventure of faith, filling your own soul in the process.

Through amazing and often humorous stories as well as many practical suggestions Wilson encourages the reader to rethink what it means to bring lost people to Jesus.”They are lost treasures,” says Wilson, “not lost causes.”   It will leave readers saying, I haven’t thought of it that way before. I can do that!

Leonard Sweet, best-selling author and theologian recently remarked, “Every now and then a book appears out of nowhere and is destined to be a classic — or should be. Mark O. Wilson’s “Purple Fish” is best bought by the box and distributed to every church. It is the most exciting, fun and accessible book…

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YoungPastorsYoung pastors face many obstacles in the first years of ministry. Often times, they lack experience needed to have realistic expectations. A lack of resources like relationships, counsel and money inhibits their growth. An endless list of new skills to learn causes stress and discouragement. During the YoungPastors Dallas Gathering, we want to provide real stories, practical resources and essential networking. We will work through our 5 primary focuses: Spiritual Devotion, Personal Development, Global Mission, Church Innovation, and Overall Wellness. We want to provide you with the tools you need so you can lead a thriving ministry.

Thursday, Sept. 11, 2014

Southwestern Assemblies of God University


We are excited to be holding the YoungPastors Dallas Gathering at the Communication Building on the beautiful campus of SAGU.

More Information and Registration

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