About Shannon O'Dell

Shannon O’Dell is a devoted husband and father of four. People know him as innovative, inspiring and committed to reaching out to struggling rural churches and churches with a rural state of mind. He has served Brand New Church as senior pastor for over seven years in Bergman, Arkansas, a small community of just over 400 people.
Brand New Church has grown from 31 to 2000 members with 7 campuses, network churches, and an online campus under Shannon’s leadership. He is the author of “Transforming Church in Rural America”.

Preach the Story of Santa Claus This Christmas


Santa Claus

Saint Nicholas is a great story to share this Christmas! Nicholas was born in Southern Turkey in 280 AD and was a difference maker. Study the historical writings on this man, but I some it all up in this short video. Play it for your kids, or even your staff, just take the info and […]

10 Things God Can’t Do


10 Things

God is Sovereign, but He has chosen a path to use humanity in tandem with His omniscience. God redeemed mankind so that He could demonstrate His glory through them. Our God desires to use willing, repentant vessels, but is seeking to and fro for those who are available for His cause. God can’t teach you […]

What I Desire to Reproduce


Reproducing Cells

As a pastor/leader God has given me the humbling opportunity to spiritually influence His sheep. Last week I was challenged with the thought, “What do I desire to reproduce in the church I am called to serve?” Then, I was hit with the fact that you reproduce who and what you are. I have made […]

No Inspection…No Expectation



You will only have expectation where you have inspection. Take your weight for example; until I bought a scale I just thought I was about 220. Once I weighed myself I had a new level of daily inspection. Expectation is created with a goal that can be measured and inspected. You cannot manage what you […]

Lost in Leadership



Leading through the gauntlet of local church ministry, I often forget some of the most motivating and important leadership truths. Change, staff issues, finances, and broken lives will leave you burying forward-thinking influence. These principles must be brought back to mind intentionally and distributed liberally to the leaders serving with you. #1: INSPIRATION A “shared” […]

Four Game Changers


Game Changer

We do not desire to have an average service or worship experience at Brand New Church, but there are times when we just get in “norm” mode. This February BNC emphasized four weekend game changers, and they have proven to add value. Give it a try in your setting and see what happens. #1 Energy […]

Before Hiring Staff



Nothing is more important to growth and church success than the right leader. In our environment we have paid staff, part-time paid staff, and full-time covenant staff. God is teaching me through good hires and incorrect hires. Here are three things I am doing right now and using for God-given discernment… #1 Watch their spouse […]

20 Ways to Prevent Mission Drift (Part 2)



Don’t miss reading part one of 20 Ways to Prevent Mission Drift… #11 Marketing Mayhem –  T’s, Stickers, Mugs, Wrist Bracelets, Facebook, etc…Marketing works! You have the best product on earth, now go tell others about Him. Silence is agreement with the world’s view, so speak out! #12 Decide Don’t sit on the fence…Do something! #13 […]

20 Ways to Prevent Mission Drift



Instead getting all passengers to port safely, the captain charted a course to horn blow for a retired captain and drifted to close to danger. We have all been in a season of drifting…engines in neutral, directionless, and drifting away from our goals. I took time to write down 20 ways to prevent drift in […]

Power in Preaching


Power Button

Power in preaching results in changed lives. Preaching without God’s power, numbs lives. We know that it comes, first and foremost, from personal devotion and prayer. I also know we can approach the “pulpit” with powerless presentations. Exceptional blessing, favor, and power in our teaching is given when we do these things: #1 Praying over […]

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