Ronnie Floyd

About Ronnie Floyd

Dr. Ronnie Floyd has been a pastor for over 36 years. Since 1986, Pastor Floyd has served as the Senior Pastor of Cross Church, Northwest Arkansas, which has baptized over 17,000 people during his tenure. Cross Church was one of the first churches in America to go multi-site. Pastor Floyd has authored 20 books including Our Last Great Hope: Awakening the Great Commission.

Four Key Questions Every Church Leader Needs to Ask


Do you always know the right questions to ask? One of the most difficult things to do as a church leader is to know the right questions to ask. I believe when we discover this, we will make the right decisions for the future of the church. What are the four key questions every church […]

Pastor, Do You Know What Your Future Looks Like?


Pastor, have you considered your future lately? What does God have for you? When is the last time you really prayed about God’s future for you and your family? A Personal Testimony I was raised in Texas. When I was a young pastor, I had no idea what my future would be. Quite honestly, I still […]

How a Pastor Should Handle a Problem In the Church


Every church has problems. Because the church is comprised of people, we will have problems to deal with periodically. Therefore, I want to suggest these things to help you deal with problems when they arise in your church: 1. Be Biblical: Handle the problem in a biblical way. Take a biblical approach to bringing resolution to […]

5 Vital Principles About Vision


A vision is beyond just a good idea. It must be a God idea. God does not obligate Himself to our good ideas or brainstorming sessions. God commits Himself to us when we connect with His heart and vision for the world. There are five principles about vision I want to share with you today. 1. […]

Pastor, When Relationships Go Wrong, Remember…


Just days ago, a pastor wrote to me about how one of his staff members had split their church and took some members in order to start another church. The pastor was concerned, hurt, and requested prayer. I told him the very thing I am saying here today. Pastors, we must remember who the battle […]

Pastors: How You Can End the Year Faithfully


With the holiday season looming, how can you end the year faithfully? In other words, Pastor, what should your focus be for these last few days of the year? You can lead aimlessly to nowhere or aim purposefully. I would like to challenge you personally and professionally. Here are some challenges that I believe will help […]

3 Actions to Take to Better Reach Your Community


Do you want to make a difference in your community but you’re not sure how to get started? Here are three actions each pastor and church needs to take in order to identify those around you who need Christ. If you and your church will take these actions, you will discover pockets of people who […]

The 4 C’s of Effective Vision Casting

Casting Vision

Casting vision is one of my favorite things to do as a Pastor. It has also been a joy to do beyond my local church in some major settings. Each time, I find it a joy. I love getting into the challenge of discerning the Lord’s will as I work through the process with others. I learned […]

3 Reasons to Believe In Pastors


As I surf the web, receive emails from ministries, and scan Twitter, I am absolutely amazed at the negativity and insinuations about Pastors today. Many writers and ministries take the view that Pastors are egotists, toxic, immoral, liars, or you name it. Well, I don’t buy it! I believe in Pastors. To the skeptic, give Pastors a […]

3 Big Lessons from 27 Years at One Great Church


Twenty-seven years ago this month, I left my home state of Texas to follow God’s call to become the Senior Pastor of the First Baptist Church of Springdale, Arkansas. When we launched our third campus almost three years ago, our named changed to Cross Church. When the last week of October comes, I will have […]

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