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Work ToolsChurch members and the American public have various perceptions about ministers. Some believe that ministers are not hard workers. Those of us who serve in local churches hear people say: “You guys only work one day a week!”

Ministers have challenging jobs. In many ways, ministers are never truly away from the office. Technology has only raised the intensity of their never-ending job. Weddings, funerals, emergencies, and responsibilities on Sundays prevent ministers from having weekends. Yet, with these realities and many more that I did not list, ministers should never be excused from working hard.

Three reasons why I believe ministers should be hard workers:

1. The Bible Charges Ministers to Work Hard

When Paul was instructing Timothy on the life of being a minister, he talks about the minister being like a soldier, an athlete, and a hardworking farmer. (2 Timothy 2) Unquestionably, we must be equipped like soldiers for the battles of ministry and persevere like athletes as we lead people, but we must also be like a hardworking farmer who works until he sees the harvest.

Humbly, ministers should be known to be hard workers. We cannot claim to be spiritual men if we…

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CriticismOne of the grim realities of being a pastor is that you will experience criticism. I have known many pastors through the years, and each one has undergone criticism. Criticism is inescapable in the life of a pastor.

Few things challenge a pastor more than criticism. Personally, there have been times when criticism has absolutely devastated me. It is especially difficult to receive when given by someone you respect deeply or by someone who has completely misunderstood a situation. Criticism can sideline or paralyze a leader, or it can help a leader be better in the future. I have personally experienced each of these situations.

Without question, many times criticism is unfair; at other times, it is right on, with 100% accuracy! So, how should a Pastor respond to criticism?

1. Receive it.

When someone criticizes you as a pastor, receive it. In fact, receive it with grace, not letting your body language demonstrate defensiveness or disapproval. Assure the person criticizing you that you will receive what they say, consider it, pray about it, and determine the direction God wants you to go in the future.

2. Learn from it.

Criticism can be a great teacher. Pastors…

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I was asked a very interesting question the other day that really moved me to evaluate the answer. A pastor asked, “Ronnie, I look at your challenging schedule, and I want to ask: How are you doing this and keeping up with everything?” After thinking a moment, I told him there are two decisions I make daily that have helped me in every way.

The same things I told him, I share with you today. Please know before I continue, I am where I am and do what I do by the grace of God and the prayers of God’s people. Knowing this, here are the two decisions I make daily that help me continually.

Bible-BlogDecision #1: I Never Compromise My Daily Time With God

It does not matter if my flight is early or my schedule has caused me to be out late the night before, I never compromise my daily time with God. For those who know me and have kept up with me through the years, I always give my mornings to God. While some of this can be challenging due to appointments and speaking engagements that occur in the…

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Pastors, Lead

By Ronnie Floyd

PastorsLeadV2A few years ago, I read an article that summarized almost 1,000 interviews with some of the nation’s top corporate leaders. The article declared that the #1 need a leader of a corporation needs to provide for everyone is clarity.        

If a leader does not lead, he cannot provide clarity. If this is true for global business leaders, it is even truer for every pastor of a local church or one who is leading a Christian ministry or institution built on the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Pastors, Lead With Clarity        

Ask yourself this question and be honest in answering it: Am I leading with clarity? Does everyone around me know where I am going and where I want him or her to go with me?

If you are really daring and desire a complete, honest assessment, ask the leaders in your church: Am I leading with clarity? If you have a staff team, ask them: Am I leading with clarity?     

If any leader should be leading with clarity, it is a pastor. I did not say it would be easy, but as pastors, our mission is clear. Do…

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Family-BlogMy wife Jeana grew up in the home of a Pastor, and we have always worked hard together to ensure our family is our #1 priority following our personal commitment to Jesus Christ. To God’s glory, my wife did not ever resent the church as the wife of a pastor, and as our children grew, they did not ever resent the church. In fact, our church was our life!

The four of us loved the church and we still love the church! Our boys’ spouses love the church and they are now raising children who love the church!

How did we escape the testimony I often hear of pastor’s families resenting the church? By God’s grace and prayer. I also believe we made several decisions that moved us along toward a positive experience. I will note three of these decisions.

Decision #1: We Were Always Positive About the Church  

On multiple occasions, we shared with our children how blessed we were to be able to know some of the greatest people in the world, which were people connected to the church. While we did not ignore the challenges along the way, we did not ever…

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Defeat-BlogPastors experience seasons when ministry defeats them. I have been there personally. At times, I still get there.

What This Looks Like

When ministry is defeating you, failure seems to be at your door continually. Perhaps ministry seems like it cannot return to what it once was before this season. Simultaneously, the critics are making themselves known loudly. You struggle daily, trying to move things along positively, but setbacks seem to be your daily challenge. You look around and nothing seems positive at all.

You determine to bring things back and set your gaze on the future positively. Yet, questions continue, insecurity abounds, and you are really not confident you have it within you to do what needs to be done. You try, but every decision is like climbing a mountain and every emotion is hyper sensitive.

People notice you are struggling and try to encourage you. While their intentions seem pure, their words seem so futile. You have stopped believing in yourself and even struggle in believing God can change the situation. This makes their words seem meaningless.

Have you ever been anywhere close to this? If so, what did you do? How do you…

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FightHave you ever sensed you were surrounded with insurmountable challenges? As a pastor and leader, times like these definitely occur. They test us greatly and reveal much about us. In times like these, how should we react and what should we do in order to overcome these challenges?

Learning From One Who Walked Before Us

There is a story in 2 Chronicles chapter 20 that illustrates the attitude we must bring to these kinds of moments. The people of Judah were in the thick of trouble. It looked as if it was going to be total devastation for God’s anointed people. Even Jehoshaphat, the warrior king, was afraid.

He became so fearful that he turned all his attention toward seeking the Lord in his life as he began to pursue God more intently than he’d ever done before. In his terror at the prospect of massive defeat, the prophet proclaimed a fast throughout all of Judah. He asked the people to stop eating until God prevailed in their situation. He understood the spiritual practices of fasting and praying.

Admitting Our Helplessness to God

Jehoshaphat knew that to fast before God was the best way to show…

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FlagThis is the State of the Union season, where our President will address the nation, Governors will address their respective states, and Mayors will address their respective cities. They will unveil their dreams for today and hopes for tomorrow.

Questions Worth Asking

Who is addressing the spiritual state of our nation? Are we really trusting only in governmental powers and processes to heal our land?

I love America and believe each citizen needs to be involved in charting the future of our nation. The Church has compartmentalized its faith from influencing our nation far too long, just as most of America’s leaders compartmentalize their faith from their politics. Today, our nation has become a product of this sad reality.

We need to return to the conviction that a faith worth believing is a faith worth dying for. Our faith cannot be checked at the door like a piece of luggage at an airport.

The Time is Now

The time is now for the Church to rise up and address the spiritual state of our nation. With compassion, we need to tell it like it is. With hope, we need to share it like we believe it. With…

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Can DoDiscouragement is one of the enemy’s most effective tools against the people of God. How many small group leaders begin with great dreams of seeing spiritual growth in their group members only to become discouraged and quit? How many pastors assume leadership in a new church only to run afoul of a power structure, become discouraged, and lose heart?

How many men and women enter the world of business with big goals and high expectations but end up experiencing discouragement? How many people enter marriage in love with one another and soon become discouraged with each other and marriage itself?

Let God Encourage You

Writers in the Psalms knew discouragement well. They also knew God was faithful to provide encouragement. Consider Psalm 42:1-2, 6 as it says, “As a deer longs for streams of water, so I long for You, God. I thirst for God, the living God. When can I come and appear before God? I am deeply depressed; therefore I remember you from the land of Jordan and the peaks of Hermon, from Mount Mizar” Have you ever been that hungry for God while feeling detached from Him? You are in…

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Pastors Family ChristmasThe pastor is pulled in a thousand directions all the time, but especially during the Christmas season. Through the seasons of leadership I have experienced over twenty-eight years of ministry here, there have been some very challenging years. However, I have always really tried to insure that my family received my love, support, and focus. Looking back through the years, I believe I have been able to do this in a satisfactory and fulfilling way.

What Threatens Time With the Family

Any pastor can state the intention not to sacrifice his family during the Christmas season. Yet, in order to make this a reality, he needs to know what can threaten his time with his family.

What are some of these possible threats?

1. Busyness at church

True busyness exists in most churches during the Christmas season. This is not always bad. Churches need to seize the moment to do all they can for the gospel during the Christmas season.

It is important that the pastor is not placed in the situation of having to be “the life” in all the ministry and social opportunities of the season. We must lead and be diligent workers,…

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Giving Year EndWhat is the role of the pastor in year-end giving in your church? Do you have any responsibility in regards to biblical stewardship in the life of your people? I believe we do have a responsibility for biblical stewardship in our church.

Year-End Giving and the #1 Question we Need to Ask Our People Repeatedly in December 

In the month of December, we are in the final month of giving for the year. Every non-profit ministry in the country will make appeals to the members of your church to support their ministry financially. While these may be good and some are worthy of consideration, the church should receive the #1 priority in the lives of our people.

The key question we need to ask repeatedly: As you review and understand clearly ALL of your sources of income in 2014, have you honored God by giving at least the first one-tenth to your local church? If you have not, then insure you do so before December 31 so that you can know you have walked in complete obedience to God in 2014 in relationship to biblical stewardship.

Your Two Major Roles as Pastor in…

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PleadingThe following is from the introduction of Pleading with Southern Baptists. The full ebook may be downloaded here for free

There is no great movement of God that has ever occurred that does not begin with the extraordinary prayer of God’s people. The time is now for us to come together before God in clear agreement, visible union, and in extraordinary prayer for the next Great Awakening and for the world to be reached for

For the sake of our nation and the spiritually lost around the world, it is time to humble ourselves before God. For this, I plead with all Southern Baptist pastors, missionaries, laypersons, denominational leaders, churches, denominational entities, conventions, colleges and universities; from student to adult, regardless of age, vocation, or status.

As we come to God in humility and repentance, entering into this special season of extraordinary prayer, we plead with God for spiritual revival personally, revival in the church, and the next Great Awakening in the United States. As Martyn Lloyd-Jones writes:

And in movements of the Spirit the first thing that happens and which eventually leads to a great revival is that one man or a group of men suddenly begin…

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