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Kids Bible

There is an art to children’s ministry. A balance must be struck between two opposing forces: fun and growth. Honestly, it’s a challenge, and no church strikes it just right. But we will keep trying and adjusting and improving, and with God’s help, a new generation will rise up to worship him.

When families visit your church they may verbally express a desire for their kids to grow spiritually (an honest plea from their hearts) but what they often don’t say that is also highly important to them is . . . they want their kids to have fun while at church. I know it is a crazy idea, but . . . kids like to have fun. And hopefully, your children’s ministry volunteers and leaders like to have fun as well.

So let’s do it! Let’s make children’s ministry a fun environment that kids look forward to. Churches are working toward this and achieving it. You see children’s ministry areas with huge slides, chalkboard walls, building blocks, goofy stage games, leaders jumping up and down and singing. But here comes the hard part . . . how do you keep that excitement and transform it into an opportunity to…

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