About Matt Steen

Matt Steen loves seeing the church thrive.  Currently serving as a Church Concierge with Church Simple, Matt has served as an executive pastor, youth pastor, and planted a church in Baltimore.  Matt lives on Long Island with his wife Theresa where he secretly leads a resistance movement against the New York Yankees (this might be the Orioles year... or not).  You can follow Matt on twitter (@matt_steen) or at ChurchThought.

Making Sense of That Which Makes No Sense


Half Staff

On November 13, 1989 a thirteen year old boy came home from school to find his father home. Knowing his father was home several hours early, he instantly realized that something was up… and his father told him something that would have a significant impact on the rest of his life. That was the day […]

The Difference a Generator Makes



A few weeks ago I was a part of The Nines conference. During my presentation, I spoke on the importance of social justice in the church, and how it really is an evangelistic effort. Last night, while sharing dinner with our community group, a friend shared how he thought that recent events on Long Island […]

How Do You Define A Win?


Two weeks ago, while at Catalyst, Andy Stanley rocked my world. Talking about how we define our “wins” in the ministry world, he shared that for North Point a win on Sunday morning is when an unchurched person shows up, is helped, and comes back next week with a friend. He went on to share […]

Watching the Church Be The Church



With all the difficulties of last week, Theresa and I got to watch something pretty cool happen. Every night last week, somewhere around sixish, a car would pull up in front of our house, and out would come one of our friends carrying a culinary delights. While the food was amazing, the best part of […]

Books & Media: Take the Lid Off Your Church


Lid Off Your Church

A couple of weeks ago I was given a copy of Tony Morgan’s new book to read and post a review for today. Last week was the first time in two years that this blog has gone dark for more than a day or two. My life changed significantly last week, and I look forward […]

What Five Words Express the Message of Christianity?


clarity -300x198

The idea of clarity, simplicity, and the gospel has been following me around lately: Last night in one our coaching cohorts (FYI, a couple spots are available for the next cohort) we were discussing the idea of clarity in ministry, and the need to refine our defining values before we can share them with those we […]

What Church Planting Taught Me


Church Planting

Many of you know that I helped to plant a church in Baltimore called The Garden Community.  Planting a church was an incredible roller coaster ride, teaching me about dependence on God, effective leadership, how to care well for people of different backgrounds, and my own spiritual condition.  A friend of mine once told me […]

Leadership in the Garden: Getting Proactive


caterpiller 300x199

Recently I started posting a short series on leadership lessons that I learn from my garden.  While I would love to say that my intention was to unpack the great mysteries of leadership that only gardening can reveal, I have to be honest and say that a big part of this is an attempt to show off […]

Reading List: Turn the Ship Around



Several weeks ago I stumbled upon an article on Fast Company’s site about David Marquet’s book Turn the Ship Around!: How to Create Leadership at Every Level. Marquet is a retired Captain in the Navy, and is best known for engineering the remarkable turn around of the USS Santa Fe. Upon taking over the boat, […]

Leadership Reading List: Great Leaders GROW



I love getting things in the mail.  The other day, I got a copy of Ken Blanchard and Mark Miller’s book Great Leaders Grow: Becoming a Leader for Life, compliments of Michael Nichols (whose blog you really need to be reading).  The book is short and sweet, I read it in a little over an […]

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