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From the beginning, Pastor Rick’s vision for Saddleback Church was to attract unbelievers, lead them to Christ, grow them into mature believers through the work of the Holy Spirit, and send them out on mission, all for God’s global glory. His goal was always to be a disciple-making and disciple-sending church. Out of this vision, came the Purpose Driven paradigm as the intentional process to accomplish this goal.

He first asked the question, “What is spiritual maturity?” and then, “How might one measure it?” He knew it was a myth that spiritual maturity is measured only on what you know. Pastor Rick says, “Many churches evaluate spiritual maturity solely on the basis of how well you can identify Bible characters, interpret Bible passages, quote Bible verses, and explain biblical theology. The ability to debate doctrine is considered by some as the ultimate proof of spirituality.” Some people who are not even believers have an incredible knowledge of the Bible without any spiritual growth in their lives. Spiritual maturity is not just cognitive.

So he set about to discover the characteristics of spiritual maturity and how leadership could measure it. He came to the conclusion…

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Go Make DisciplesAt one time or another, all Christian leaders are confronted with the command of Jesus found in the Great Commission (Matthew 28: 19-20) that says, “Go and make disciples of all nations.” Being involved in missions for all my life, I have often thought through this verse. I find it interesting that these are among the last recorded words of Jesus and therefore seem to carry a little more weight. My father, whom I love dearly, is still alive, Lord willing for quite a long time to come. But, I can imagine that if he was near death and he had something important to say to me that I would listen even more carefully. I would do so because I know how much he loves me and that whatever he had to say in his limited time left would be very important to him; I’d listen!

With that in mind, I carefully digest this command. As a Christian leader and one who is involved in training others worldwide, this verse has become central to my understanding of Christian work and purpose. I have come to understand that…

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Evernote for Pastors

By Mark Carver

Evernote for PastorsI have a confession to make; my life is a mess. I am a collector of information. I have way too many books. I keep multiple to-do lists both on my computer, in my briefcase, on my desk, in my pocket.

And I collect electronic files on everything. You want a copy of a sermon or seminar notes from way back, it’s on my hard drive … somewhere.

But then one day I heard about the free software program called Evernote – one of the top apps in the past five years. It has changed the way I store and organize information – it’s in the cloud, available to me on my laptop, iPad and phone. I’m actually well on my way to a more paperless existence; my office is much cleaner! It has been revolutionary for me.

Apparently I am not the only one. Pastor and blogger Ron Edmondson, along with writer Ben Stroup, has come out with an ebook walking pastors through the Evernote app and how we can integrate it into our daily lives to streamline everything from sermon notes to personal meetings.

You can get the…

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