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The Miles Advisory Group, Inc. (MAG) is a leader in church outsourcing. Through flexible and creative outsourcing solutions, MAG enables churches to focus on their ministry with greater clarity, further excelling their effectiveness and purpose, for the real reason of why they exist.

Bryan Miles is CEO & Co-founder of Miles Advisory Group and is blessed to run this company with his wife, Shannon. Prior to starting MAG, he worked for companies in the tech and construction industries including Cogun, Inc., a national church construction company as the VP of Consulting. Bryan obtained his B.A. in Business from Mount Vernon Nazarene University in Mount Vernon, OH. Bryan, Shannon and their daughter Rainey and son Harper attend church at the Browns Bridge Campus of North Point Community Church. Bryan also enjoys backpacking and mountain climbing. Learn more about Bryan.

6 Safeguards for Financial Accountability



Most of us realize that the local church is called upon to meet and help those in need and we, as Christians, all feel that it is our responsibility to provide to the church so that it can do what it is called to do.  We recognize and understand what the Bible teaches us about […]

7 Easily Over-looked Church Chores



At MAG Bookkeeping, we see churches up close & personal. Sometimes what we see isn’t pretty. We also see the organized and tidy churches too. Below are seven church-finance chores that we see … are commonly overlooked by church leaders … tied to managing/controlling your finances. Re-read your lease or rental agreement. Are you paying more than […]

Servant Leaders Have a Tolerance for Imperfection



Transparency coming straight at you! I suck at this. I expect much of everyone. I expect much of me. And, unfortunately, my expectation gives very little wiggle room for imperfection. It’s an honest assessment of me … that has & does hurt my Team, my family, & friends. One of the smartest people in the […]

How to Avoid Church Fraud


Fraud Triangle

You should see the look on a Lead Pastor’s face when they realize that the same person who is doing their “books” is the same person who is depositing the offering. It’s a look of fear, embarrassment, and oh, CRAP! Fact is, most church fraud happens around deposit. Meaning, money just doesn’t find its way […]

What Makes a Salesperson Great



Ever wondered how great salespeople get to be great? Here’s what I have discovered about great salespeople: They help me, not sell me. They ask super smart questions that force me to think differently. Dumb salespeople ask dumb questions. They are humble, not arrogant. They have an appropriate swagger (aka charisma) that draws me in […]

Toxic Employees Cost You More Than You Think


mean-ppl angry anger

Mean people suck, especially when you are forced to work with them. Mean people (aka Toxic) come in various forms … passive-aggressive, jealous, forceful, rude, loud, selfish, hateful, & so on. Think organization morale is the only problem you have with a toxic employee? Guess again. What about loss wages in productivity? Added wages in […]

Controlling Others Limits YOU as a Leader


control freak

Here’s the deal – you can’t control everything. I know, you are a leader and you think you can. But here is what I see everyday … when we speak with leaders that ask us about our virtual executive assistant service … Exasperated leaders trying to do it all never feel like they get ahead […]

Free eBook: 9 Reasons to Re-think Your Approach to Staffing


Rethink Hiring Staff

Today’s business climate demands-especially in the area of staffing-agility. Finding the right person is an overwhelming hurdle that some organizations choose not to attempt and other organizations must endure hoping to find the right fit. The good news is that new approaches to staffing are emerging to help businesses connect with the right person, minimize […]

Delegation Matrix


Delegation Matrix

The other day, I was trying to help a young guy in my mentoring group … to understand & think through time management. This is what I came up with. Time management, is a lot of things. But, one thing for sure, that I know is time management, is the ability to DELEGATE. I’ve written […]

6 Tips for Finding Mentors In Your Life



Currently, I mentor young guys who are newly married, business-types & entrepreneurs, and love God. They are go-getters. They have passion. They want to be great. Truth is, they are great … they just don’t know it yet. The potential they possess, at times, leaves me speechless. My heart is excited for their future possibilities. […]

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