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About Brett Eastman

Brett Eastman has served as the small groups champion in several of the largest mega churches in the country including Saddleback Church, Willow Creek and Fellowship of the Woodlands for over a dozen years. After founding Lifetogether - 10 years ago he has either consulted and/or produced Custom DVD Curriculum and training materials for 100 of the largest and fastest growing churches in America. He has published with the top 10 Christian Publishers, produced over 250 bestselling series, designed dozens of church wide campaigns, and produced on camera over 500 bestselling authors, pastors and church leaders selling over 4,000,000 copies to date including the Award Winning Purpose Driven Group Series, Doing Lifetogether Series published by Zondervan. Lifetogether's focus is to partner with local church pastors trying to help connect their entire congregation by producing innovative small group resources in order to ultimately reach their community through community.

3 Steps to Making Your Small Group Dreams Come True


Launching Community

Three Steps to Making Your Small Group Dream Come True For Your Church So many of us have been there—you wake up in the middle of the night feeling pulled toward starting a small group ministry at your church. But by morning you still have no clue how to go about it. I’ll tell you […]

Shaping Shepherds and Sheep


Shaping Shepherds and Sheep

A friend who was in charge of our men’s ministry once said, “Some of these guys really don’t want me coaching them; they don’t want my help!” “That’s all right,” I said, “If all these guys are living spiritually healthy lives, you can take it easy.” “But some aren’t thriving spiritually,” he said. “They need […]

Honor Your Leaders!



How publicly affirming your group leaders sets blessings in motion. As a leadership coach, you have a crucial role in sustaining the small group structure of your church. Without this layer of your leadership, small groups stand on shaky ground for the simple reason that their leaders feel unsupported and therefore unwilling to take ownership […]

The Group That Serves Together Grows Together



Five ways to help task-oriented groups thrive  Setting up task groups is a great way to develop a growing number of faithful volunteers in almost any area of ministry. A task group is distinct in that it isn’t just a traditional fellowship-building group or a team of people simply fulfilling a task. By definition, task […]

Healthy Members, Healthy Group



Take this assessment to see how your health measures up  If you want to have a healthy small group, it goes without saying that its members need to be healthy. So a good way to move yourself and your group toward well-being is by assessing each individual’s level of health. Once this is established, you […]

What Have You Got Planned This Summer?



As your group is in the midst of summer months it will be helpful to have a plan for connecting.  You’ve worked hard to get to know each other!  You’ve gotten to a point where you are beginning to form some great relationships that really will help you grow spiritually…as long as you stay connected! […]

Leadership Honesty Breeds Group Honesty



Here’s a practical way to get your group to open up  The best thing you can do to encourage honesty in your group is to be honest yourself. This doesn’t mean spilling your guts about your darkest secrets. It means asking for prayer in an area of your life where you’re genuinely struggling; it means […]

Making Your Group Real ‘Friends’



Don’t we all long to be a part of something fun, exciting, and life-giving?  The sitcom Friends captured this desire. Every week, 50 million people watched six actors pretend to have relationships with one another. Its popularity was fueled by the deep longing we all have to be connected in community. The advertising world has caught on […]

From Clique to Community



Why your groups must step out of their boats You’ve seen them walk by. The “cooler than thou” group. The group that everyone in the church wants to be a part of and everyone outside of the church blames as the reason why they don’t come. Most of us became aware of cliques in high […]

Coming to a Living Room Near You!



When was the last time you watched a movie at home with your family and a few friends? Did you call the church office to decide whose house you would go to? Did you ask your pastor who to invite? Probably not! If you are like most people, you just drove over to your local video store, […]

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