About Lavern Brown

Bud Brown is the president of Transition Ministries Group. He has served churches in a variety of settings, from small rural congregations to mid-sized urban churches to one of the fastest growing megachurches in the U.S. Bud is a graduate of Dallas Seminary (Th. M., 1986) and Western Seminary (D. Min., 1995). He and his wife, Lea, live in Tucson, Arizona where Bud spends most of his days lounging by the pool in their back yard.

3 Ways an Interim Pastor Sets the Next Pastor Up for Success


Board Room

The interim pastor has a tremendous opportunity to work with church leaders to address many of the  issues that can be hazardous for the next permanent pastor. One of the most important questions an interim pastor can ask is, “How can I set the next guy up for success?” Several key areas will create an […]

6 Traits of Effective Interim Pastors



Do you have what it takes to be an effective change leader, a skilled interim pastor? For that matter, how do you know if you’ve been called to serve as an interim pastor? I guess the answer is the same for every variety of vocational ministry. As my favorite Bible college teacher told a group […]

10 Tactics to Set the Next Pastor Up for Success


Change Ahead

You’ve made your decision; it’s time to resign your pastoral position. Or perhaps it’s been made for you; either submit a “constructive resignation” or be terminated. How do you set the stage for the next pastor to succeed? It’s never easy to resign a pastoral position. If you’ve been called to another ministry you’re probably […]

The 7 Marks of Discipleship



Can you give a clear, concise and biblically accurate description of a disciple of Jesus? If so, you are a select member of an elite club. I wonder if most ministers – let alone most Christians – really know what their ministry’s “finished product” is supposed to look like? I’m being reluctantly dragged to the […]

10 Churches I Won’t Serve as Interim Pastor



You’re an interim pastor looking for the next call. A potential client church is toying with the idea of retaining your services. After the first consult you get a gut feeling that something’s not right. If you don’t dig further or if you jump in because you need the job you may wake up one […]

Will All Pastors Be Church Planters and Turnaround Specialists?



Will settled pastors of the future need to have the personal qualities of a church planter, the unique abilities of a turnaround expert and the specialized skills of an intentional interim pastor? If the trends currently changing the face of American culture continue – and they seem to be accelerating – the settled pastor of the future won’t be […]

7 Simple Steps to First Rate Church Hospitality



When was the last time you visited a place that billed itself as “the unfriendliest church in town?” Me either. I don’t think I’ve ever been to one. But they’re out there in spirit if not in name. Tim Dolan reports that one of his lay ministry students found one. As an assignment, I encouraged my students […]

4 Questions For Preachers In a Dry Spell


Sandy Desert

Eventually every preacher gets stuck where Moses spent some time. In the desert, going nowhere, staring blankly at sheep. Fortunately it doesn’t happen often, but it does happen. I recall Haddon Robinson warning a gaggle of green wannabes that sermon prep can become dull and mundane. “Like hammering doghouses together on an assembly line.” The […]

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2 Questions to Stimulate Your Preaching Creativity



Sooner or later the preacher runs into a wall. He’s stuck. He doesn’t have a good answer. When someone on staff asks, “what are you doing for your next sermon series?” they are met with a blank stare. This happens to preachers of all stripes. Verse-by-verse expositors run into this wall when it’s time to […]

9 Signs Your Church Needs an Intentional Interim Pastor


Feed the Sheep

Calling an intentional interim pastor should be the first thing a church does when the pastor resigns, especially if the church meets any of these criteria: The pastor is leaving after a lengthy tenure (experts differ over”lengthy tenure”, with figures from 7 to 15 years). The church churns its pastors (a new one is called […]

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