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Larry Barker serves as Director of North American Missions for the Baptist Missionary Association of America. He has a passion to see hundreds of BMAA churches planted throughout the USA and Canada, and has also served as a missionary to Romania. You can connect with him on Facebook or

Metrics for A Different Kind of Church


Springs Ocala

Allow me to clarify that this article is an adaptation from Will Mancini’s book Innovating Discipleship! “How do you want your church to be different two years from now?”  The typical answer is, “We want more people!”  That can be expressed in different forms such as; “We want our auditorium full!” or “We want to […]

How to Develop Leaders Instead of Followers



Following is important and we know that Jesus said, “Follow me!” Jesus discipled others by moving them through a process (“I Do, You Watch; I do, You Help; You Do, I Help; You Do, I Watch”) from being followers to leaders. Leadership is influence and moves the follower forward through different levels. First, we must […]

Busting 6 Common Myths About Church Health



Growing up there were many superstitions, wives’ tales, and myths that as you got older you realized, as much as you believed it then, they were not true.  Some were harmless and innocent but others caused fear because if you broke a mirror you believed you would have seven years bad luck.  Even intelligent people […]

Turning the Ship Around – Healthy Change in a Local Church


Big Ship

When I was teenager my brother, Gary, was in the Navy.  He joined the military with a vision to see the world but ended up stationed in Pensacola, FL, just one hour from our home.  Twice my parents and I had the privilege of going on his aircraft carrier, the USS Lexington, for a dependents’ […]

Ministry Leaders, If Attacked by an Anaconda… Don’t Panic



Church health is dependent upon the health of the pastor and its leadership.  If leaders are going to help people follow Jesus more closely and deeper then they must be setting the example for them to follow.  In Leading on Empty Wayne Cordeiro says, “Wisdom and understanding are not built in a day, however they […]

4 Steps to a Healthy Church Culture



“Love, Listen, Learn, and Lead!  That is why we are here!”  When I heard those words at a recent Global Vision Summit with Dynamic Church Planting International, it resonated with my heart.  It caused me to think through how important the order is and the process of creating a healthy culture in our congregations and […]

What If We Really Did Multiply?



What if every church had a vision to plant ten churches in ten years?  If two couples were to move to a city with the goal of reproducing themselves and multiplying every three years, it could happen.  Four couples could plant 32 churches in ten years.  As you study the multiplication of the early church […]

A Call to Return to Shepherd Leadership



“Followership is the beginning – and end – of effective leadership!”  Dr. Timothy S. Laniak The resources available these days on leadership are overwhelming!  Go into any bookstore or take a look at Amazon and the list is almost endless.  There are blogs, web-sites, seminars, and countless definitions of what biblical leadership looks like.  There […]

7 Keys to Maximizing Your Summer



I just can’t believe it is already the middle of June.  Busy, busy, busy!!!  Every season has certain rhythms with summer being the time of vacations and trying to get away.  We must redeem even the summer time by taking full advantage of the opportunities that God gives us.  Are we doing that?  Are we […]

Don’t Forget to Pray for One Another


Pray for One Another

God has been challenging me to spend more time alone with Him.  All too often prayer is overlooked by those who prefer to be busy.  If you are a highly driven person you probably find it difficult to pause long enough to hear His voice each morning.  Being a “doer,” it is hard for me, […]

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