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I’m not one for New Year’s resolutions. Instead, I ask God for a word that will keep me focused on what he has for me that year. On the first day of 2017, he gave me my word:


I like that alignment is a noun. It’s tangible, yet not something you can reach out and touch. You can’t hold it in your hands, but you know it’s powerful — much like faith, which was my word in 2016.

Last year, I stretched out wide and long in my faith. I stepped out of my comfort zone and trusted God in big ways and watched him move. This week, I curled up warm and cozy, on my friend Faith’s couch with a big cup of coffee that lasted more than four hours. I love that she is like me. We don’t do surface chat; a cup of coffee feels more like a long (and much-needed) spiritual therapy session.

As we hunkered in, with the rain washing the outdoors fresh for the new year, our conversation washed our souls new. We settled on variations of one topic for most of the time: ambition.

Both of us are late in…

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