About John Herring

John Herring recently served as a Pastor at Oasis Church in North Little Rock where he covered multiple bases administratively, overseeing missions, communications, and other hats too. He is now preparing to plant a new church in southwest Missouri. He blogs at Inside Ministry and offers practical help to church leaders everywhere.

Relationships Are Definitely Not Secondary



When we look at Scripture, we can see that Jesus continually spent time with people.  It wasn’t Plan B for him, it was his whole mission.  He had a desire to be with people and could often be found in small and large gatherings.  Somewhere in our culture, we have lost site of the fact […]

Planning a One Day Mission Event



One Day mission events are a great way to ‘prime the pump’ of outreach and evangelism in your church.  These events are opportunities to organize simple acts of service throughout your community that will engage your church body and impact the community.  A One Day event isn’t just one event, but multiple events that occur […]

Develop a Plan for Your Communication Team



We can develop all kinds of great plans based on the vision and direction for our church or ministries, but if we do a poor job communicating those plans we limit our success. It’s been said that by the time we get tired of communicating the message, that is when our people finally start to […]

Creating Environments of Worship


Worship Environments

We are all affected by our surroundings in one way or another.  It either has a positive affect on us or a negative affect on us.  To help you understand this let’s look at a couple of examples: Imagine you go to 2 restaurants.  One has paint coming off the walls, the table is kept […]

The Value of a Ministry Rotation



One of the best ways to include more people in ministry is to create a rotation for your ministries that alternates weekly.  At present, we have a 6 week ministry rotation at our church.  This was started because as we continued to grow, we began to notice two things.  First,  the people who were involved […]

Communication: The Value of the Stage


The Stage

The stage (which is anything you communicate while you are in front of your congregation) is the most valuable communicating tool you have.  This is a time when we have the attention of a large percentage of the people in our church.  This is why it is important to be intentional about how you use […]

Tell the Truth



We live in a generation where knowledge is power.  It seems that if you know the most, you have power over those who know less.  We esteem information over just about everything else.  This is why we are often consumed with learning how to do things better.  We spend hours and days in training and […]

Organizing Your Volunteers


Organizing Volunteers

Having a structure to guide you as you develop new ministries and to restructure existing ministries helps keep all ministries functioning in a similar way.  I have learned to accomplish this by having 4 major phases for our volunteer ministries.  These phases start with the first phase being an introductory phase to the ministry leading […]

Defining the Reality of Giving


Power of Giving

I believe that Stewardship is a process of discipleship.  Because of this, we need to be able to measure the growth of the discipleship in this area of ministry just as in any other area.  There are some who have the spiritual gift of giving, but there are others that this must be cultivated in […]

Think Big About Big Days


Baby Turtles

Big Days are a great way to reach new people in your community.  These are opportunities to be intentional about outreach.  It’s important that when we cast vision for Big Days, we emphasize that our target is to invite people who are not active in another church.  It’s great to have our friends and family […]

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