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As a kid in high school my youth pastor invited my friends and I over to his house to hang out for the first time. Even though he was  a compassionate youth leader he never invited  us over before. So, when he opened the door on that day we realized immediately why it was difficult to have company. The problem was that his wife had covered over every bit of furniture with plastic as well as throwing down a little plastic on the carpet to make a pathway to the backyard. She was so scared that we might soil her furniture and carpet that she went out of her way to protect it with plastic.

Seriously? I know that we were teenaged guys, but was she seriously expecting us to jump on the furniture with grape juice boxes like four year olds? That sense of control she was trying to grasp onto made us feel more like an inconvenience. She appeared to value stuff more than relationships.  

Pastors, there is a principle that I want you take from this. Your sense of control, or need to “put…

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