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Last week, a development leader of a $100 million-a-year ministry shared with me that 60% of their annual budget would be received in the last three months of the year, and much of that in December!

Some say it’s a shame Christian giving is influenced by the year-end tax calendar. In my opinion, this is not all bad. Our lives orbit around dates on the calendar. But what if God is actually OK with it?

We push hard Monday through Friday, and then we get a weekend rest and earn occasional breaks (Memorial Day, July 4th). As we round out the year, we have more extended breaks…Thanksgiving, then Christmas.

The year-end Holidays are favorites. For many families they bring extra days to hang out, feast on an abundance of food, watch some football, and play corny board games with the kids.

And yes, people think about giving, too. Before it’s all over and we toast into the New Year, we make sure we give our gifts.

Some church and ministry leaders are mindful to make sure the office is open on December 31st. They know this is the day some givers might…

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Sweet KidsParents want their children to be generous.

Among the first words we teach them are “momma”, “dadda”, “yes” and “no.”

Somehow they learn “mine.” Then we teach them “share.”

It pleases us when we see them give.  And it pains us when they are selfish with their stuff.  As they grow, they will encounter the same challenges we do as adults – generous living does not come naturally to us.

As father to four children ages 5 to 16, below are some ways we strive to pass along biblical generosity in the Anderson home.

Set their giving standard

As soon as our children are old enough to count their own money, we teach them to divide it into thirds: a third for saving, a third for spending and a third for giving.  We are currently beginning this process with our five-year old, Autumn.

Whenever our kids receive money – from chores, birthdays, gifts, etc. – they set aside a third and put it in their “giving” envelope.  Separating into thirds is easy.  And by giving a third of their money to God, they learn that giving is as important as saving and spending.  As children,…

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