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Hand SmileThe above title has become a mantra around our church. We believe we are doing God’s bidding, and that has everything to do with loving and engaging people. But what do you do when culture is becoming more and more closed off and skeptical towards strangers, outsiders?

In fact our executive pastor approached a guest yesterday (Easter), just to reach out and be nice. No angle, no strings attached, just doing what leaders/Christians do, engage others. The individual (nameless) told him that he didn’t want to be his friend, and that he had no desire to talk to him at that moment. Interestingly, our executive pastor wasn’t looking for a friend, nor soliciting one. Just being kind. Awkward! We had a good laugh though, because it wasn’t our first experience with approaching awkward situations, and it definitely won’t be our last.

It appears the day of open hospitality (reaching out to others face-to-face) may be nearing an end. Well culturally, it probably has been for sometime. Did it start with central air in the home? Keeping people confined to the interior of their property. Or was it the removal of front porches…

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