How Full Is Your Bucket?



The path to simplicity is not for the faint of heart. It’s a process that requires total honesty. So let me pose the question: How depleted are you? How long has it been since you have felt fully replenished? Jesus told Martha that her only hope was to pull up a chair, unplug from all […]

False Facts: Why We Love Bad Stats



By Bob Smietana NASHVILLE, Tenn. – One of the dangers of being a reporter who goes to church is that you know when the preacher is wrong. Not wrong in theology. Wrong in facts. Like this one, which came halfway through a recent sermon on marriage. Things are scary out there, the preacher told us. And […]

Breaking the Silence: Should a Wife Keep Her Husband’s Sexual Sin a Secret?


Bewildered Bride

Consider this predicament.  Your boss, the company CEO, has given you a high-level project.  After a few months on the job you discover that your new responsibilities involve falsifying records.  Not only that, but it appears your boss has been trying to cover up questionable accounting practices.  When you confront the CEO, he makes it […]

Book: God Distorted – Why Fathers Matter So Much to Our Faith


God Distorted

The following is adapted from the first chapter of God Distorted by John Bishop. I know people who have incredibly blessed relationships with their fathers. But sadly, in my experience, they are the minority. Mostly I hear stories of people who feel abandoned, devalued, criticized, and unable to measure up. I have heard stories of horrible […]

Unstoppable – Compelling Answers to Life’s Hard Questions



Kirk Cameron’s new film, Unstoppable, is one you won’t want to miss. This film is intimate, edgy, bold and full of the unexpected. Let me explain. It is intimate. The idea for the film came from the life and death of a 15 year old son of one of Kirk’s friends. The young man battled cancer […]

The Race Card of the Early Christians


Multi-ethnic Church

This blog is co-authored by DERWIN GRAY.  I am the founding and Lead Pastor of Transformation Church & FRANK VIOLA is the author of numerous books on the deeper Christian life.  Full bio’s are at the end of the blog. The Zimmerman trial and the tragedy that surrounds it has captured the world’s attention. Including that of the body […]

3 Lessons on the Spiritual Life from Jonathan Edwards


Formed for the Glory of God

Jonathan Edwards (1703-1758) is considered by many to be one of the smartest philosophers and theologians in American history. But more than that, Edwards is one of the great spiritual thinkers as well. Edwards helped the churches in New England navigate the work of the Spirit in the “Great Awakening,” and he continues to help […]

8 Ways to React When You’re Offended By Other Christians


Gods Favorite Place On Earth

The following is an excerpt from Frank Viola’s new book God’s Favorite Place on Earth, recommended by 47 top Christian leaders. If you order the book between May 1st and May 7th, you will receive 25 free books and audios by 15 different authors. Just go to for details and endorsements. When Martha complained […]

Hey Church: Get Off Your Donkey and Join the Mission of God


Get Off Your Donkey

Jesus made it plain that God’s primary mission has to do with building and extending his kingdom. The church is not his major agenda. Nor does the church own the kingdom or the mission of God. God’s mission involves the redemptive restoration of everything that sin has tarnished and broken. God created the church to […]

Beth Moore: Sadness and Madness


Beth Moore

Editor’s Note: We were moved by Beth’s words concerning the Warren family and how she drew from her own experience to offer wisdom to others about how we interact within the body of Christ. We’re thankful she allowed us to reprint her article here. Saturday shortly after noon, I filled up the dog bowl on […]

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