Greg Stier

About Greg Stier

Greg Stier is a husband, a father, a preacher, an author, a twitchy revolutionary and a fanatic for Jesus. He's the President of Dare 2 Share Ministries which has led thousands of students to Jesus and equipped thousands more to reach their world with the gospel. He blogs at

Is Your Ministry a Laser or a Lightbulb?



A lightbulb can brighten up a dark room. A laser can cut through steel. Lightbulbs disperse soft light in every direction for a short distance. Lasers can only be focused in a single direction but, theoretically, one beam can travel infinitely. In the same way your ministry is either a laser or a lightbulb. After […]

5 Marks of Super Effective Youth Leaders


Super Effective

I just had the privilege of spending a week with 50 amazing youth leaders from across the nation and their top student ministry leaders. Lead THE Cause University is a week long intensive that equips good leaders to become great leaders who make and multiply disciples. Over this week of intensive training and interaction I witnessed 5 […]

5 Valuable Pre-Preaching Rituals


Greg Stier

As a “professional communicator) I get the privilege of doing a lot of speaking to a ton of different groups. God has blessed me to speak in front of big groups (just got done preaching two hours ago to 5,000 teenagers at #IYC2014 in Nashville), small groups (I do a weekly staff chapel service for […]

Every Youth Leader’s Big Fight



Everyday a youth leader wakes up he/she enters into a battle. This age-old war is not with disconnected parents, apathetic teenagers or micro-managing pastoral leadership. This is a battle that relentlessly rages for the souls of the next generation. It is not imaginary. It is real, intense, and all around us. With every teen suicide, […]

3 Disciplines Every Youth Leader Needs to Succeed



Over the last 25 years of full time ministry (as a church planter, youth guy and para-church director) I have seen all sorts of youth leaders. Some are like falling stars, a bright streak of light who are brilliant but short lived. Others are like sun rises, slow at first but brilliant with time. The […]

7 Ways to Become An Indispensable Youth Leader


Indispensable Youth Leaders

It has been said that “nobody is indispensable” and, to a degree, that is a true statement. But I can tell you that, as a former pastor and current leader of a youth ministry organization (with 20+ employees), there are certain staff losses that hit the church or ministry harder than others. Losing these kinds of employees leaves a […]

5 Signs of an Excellent Youth Leader


Youth Group

As I travel down the youth ministry highway I get the privilege of encountering a lot of excellent youth leaders along the way. As I speed along it’s hard not to notice the signs of youth leaders who are truly making a difference: 1. Yield Youth leaders who are excellent are fully yielded to God […]

Do We Really Need More Churches In America?


Old Church

Right now there are over 300,000 Protestant churches in America. Just do the division (300,000 divided by 50 states) and that equals 6,000 churches per state. Wow! That’s a lot of churches! Think about it this way: there are just over 10,000 Starbucks and well over 300,000 churches! So Starbucks can saturate the United States […]

Why Evangelism Is Hard, But Necessary


Hard Work

I have been leading a ministry called “Dare 2 Share” for the last twenty years or so. During that timeframe we’ve had the privilege of inspiring and equipping a half million teenagers to share their faith. We truly believe that, because 85% of those who trust in Jesus do so by 18 years of age, a […]

Foyer Secrets Revealed (Sorry Pastors!)


Flatirons Community Church

What I’m about to tell you could put me on some ministry hit lists. I could get beaten with hymnals, immersed in the baptismal (for a little too long) or Bible-whipped across my jaw. I’m about to share with you a few of the subtle “tricks” some pastors use in the foyer on their church […]

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