About Greg Baird

Greg Baird is a 25 year veteran of children's & family ministry. He had the privilege of serving in all types of environments, including multi-site, portable and state of the art mega churches, and under the leadership of John Maxwell & David Jeremiah. His passion is helping churches develop healthy children's & family ministries, which he now does through KidMin360. Find out more at KidMin360.com, and connect with Greg via Twitter (@GregBaird).

3 Things You Must Manage Well to Lead Well


Managing Life

We all want to lead well. There’s a lot of talk about leadership, and rightly so. We often quote John Maxwell on this blog, who says that: everything rises and falls on leadership.” I believe that’s true, not just because it’s a great statement to believe, but because I’ve seen it in action for nearly […]

5 Things Every Kids’ Ministry Volunteer Needs to Know



Volunteers are the life of our ministry. More than any other area in the church, volunteers are critical to the success of children’s ministry. Too often they are “recruited” and simply thrown in to the area they are needed. But if you truly want them to succeed, here are a few things that they need […]

5 Ways to Make 2013 Your Best Year of Leadership Yet



I’m not much for New Year “resolutions”, but there’s a time for renewed commitment to the things we’re pursuing. The New Year is always a good time to step back and evaluate, and to look ahead with renewed energy. Here are a few thoughts on how we can “lead better” in 2013: 1. Prioritize Spiritual […]

5 Ways to Lead Well at Christmas



Christmas can be a wonderful time of year . . . or it can be a complete nightmare. How do we, as ministry leaders, enjoy the season while leading well? Here are 5 ideas: 1. Focus on people, not program.  Christmas can be a heavily programmed time of year. Depending on your church, you may […]

9 Ways To Say “Thanks” To Your Team


Thank You

As Children’s & Family Ministry Leaders, we are surrounded (hopefully!) by a team (staff and/or volunteers) committed to accomplishing great things in the lives of, well, children & family. My hope is we have an “attitude of gratitude” year-round. Obviously, however, this time of year highlights the opportunity to say “thanks”. Here are a few […]

3 Ideas About Being An Imperfect Leader


Imperfect Leader

We talk about leadership all the time. Essentially, that’s what KidMin360 is all about – finding, equipping & developing leaders. We often quote John Maxwell’s famous mantra: Everything rises and falls on leadership. And we believe it. Leadership is talked about on numerous pastor/ministry blogs & websites. Magazines we read are full of leadership lessons. […]

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Are You Called Or Comfortable?



Recently I posted this on social media: If you choose to remain under someone with low leadership capacity, be sure you are called & not just comfortable because you ARE inhibiting your own growth. It was a thought rolling around in my thinking of late, so I thought I’d put it out there. Within 90 […]

5 Ways To Lead Leaders


Leading Leaders

By necessity, ministry – children’s & family, in particular – requires us to lead in perhaps the hardest leadership arena possible: the volunteer arena. However, whether volunteer or paid staff, leaders are leaders, and we need to focus our attention on them in order to accomplish our grand vision. Easier said than done! But here’s […]

How To Be A Hero To Your Team



We all do do things to build our team and make sure they are ready for the ministry that support our vision. Doing things such as equipping & developing leaders is critical. That is some of the deeper responsibility that will result in a thriving team. But there are things we can do every week which will […]

Measuring Your Ministry



I’m a huge sports fan – soccer, in particular – but don’t worry, this post isn’t about sports. However, let me start by saying that yesterday I watch an incredible soccer match. It was the final of the UEFA Champions League, perhaps the biggest tournament besides the World Cup. Chelsea (England) played Bayern Munich (Germany). […]

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