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Pushing Past Perfection

By Emily Benford


Practice makes perfect. When I get asked to sing a solo or lead worship for an upcoming service, I practice every song everyday – sometimes numerous times a day. I sing the tar out of that song to make sure I do it the same way every single time so it will sound perfect when I perform it.

That’s my mentality – it has to be perfect; there is no room for error. 

I never realized that I had become so frozen in my singing until I joined Saddleback Worship 10 years ago. We had an amazing vocal director who pulled me aside one day and challenged me on my perfectionist tendencies. He kindly and firmly informed me that there was no freedom in my singing. Just by watching my face he could tell I was overthinking every note.

My fear of making a mistake was limiting my freedom in worship and squelching my joy in leading.

This conversation was monumental in how I pursued singing from that point on. It takes time to set aside old habits of trying to be in control of every note, inflection, and sound that came out of…

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