Diana Davis

About Diana Davis

Diana Davis (www.keeponshining.com) is an author, speaker and wife of the North American Mission Board’s vice president for the Midwest region, Steve Davis. Copyright 2012. Used by permission.

Why You Should Consider Offering a “NearlyWed” Class


It’s that time of year—weddings, weddings everywhere! If your church is serious about ministering to young adults, here’s a fresh idea: Plan an 8-week seminar, titled “It Takes Three”, for engaged or newlywed couples every spring and fall. The class meets during your church’s Sunday School or small group hour, in an attractive, easy-to-find room […]

7 Ways to Connect with Guests Beyond the First Greeting

Giving Coffee

Your God is awesome. Your church is wonderful. Yet guests who visit your church don’t often return. No true connection was made. A parking lot greeter in our church expressed that concern: “We’ve got to figure out how to actually connect every guest with another person. Our flippant hellos or glad-you-cames just aren’t adequate.” Why […]

Fresh Ideas for New Sunday School Classes

Old Sunday School

When a church begins new small groups or Sunday School classes, eternity is impacted. New hands are put to the task. Easy entry points are established. Members are more likely to invite lost friends. Peripheral members become involved. And Christians joyfully rediscover the outreach purpose of the church. Imagine what would happen if your church […]

To Eve Or Not to Eve… There Is No Question

Christmas Eve Service

A Christmas Eve service can be one of your church’s most meaningful moments, and one of its largest outreach events of the year. Use these two secrets for planning a meaningful community-wide event to honor Jesus’ birth. Secret #1: Early Prep Carefully plan a top-quality program of worship. Forty-five minutes or an hour is ideal. […]

8 Ways to Celebrate Baptisms at Your Church

Spontaneous Baptisms

When a new believer is baptized, it’s a momentous event. A life’s been changed for eternity! Try these fresh ideas to make baptism a true celebration: Smile. Express true joy. Baptism is a holy ordinance, but it’s also a joyful event. I love it when the church breaks into spontaneous cheers or applause. Get personal. […]

Preparing For Easter: The 5-Spot Test


Here’s a simple way to evaluate how guests see your church building. Take the “5-Spot Test.” Stop at five specific places around your church site for five minutes and answer five questions. Spot #1: Church parking lot. Just before worship, park in a guest space. How easy is it to find a parking space? From […]

Christmas Caroling as Outreach

Planning Christmas

Now, here’s a fun church-wide CHRISTmas project. Plan a gigantic caroling blitz with an outreach purpose. Every attender at your church—singles, kids, elderly, teens, couples, bad singers, occasional attenders…everyone!—is challenged to contribute one hour for a purposeful caroling party. Try these simple tips for planning. Tip #1: Make caroling maps. Each caroling team will receive […]

Plan a Meet the School Teacher Sunday

Community puzzle

Here’s a fresh and simple way to invite school teachers and staff to your church. Honor those important community leaders by planning a “Meet the Teacher” Sunday during the first month of school. Students and adult church members will invite school teachers, principals, librarians, bus drivers, nurses, food servers, coaches, music teachers, home-school teachers, professors, […]

Fresh Ideas: Sharing Jesus, 10 Seconds at a Time


Twitter-Style Evangelism I’m learning to tweet. It’s amazing what can be said in 140 characters—just a sentence or two. Snippets of info can be motivating. Informative. Inspiring. Captivating. Now imagine what would happen if you decide to speak a tweet-sized word about God in everyday conversations with people around you. Just a sentence or two […]

Shareable: Ways to Encourage Those Who Lead

Give Thanks

Share these ideas with members of committees, teams, Bible classes and other church groups. You’re a member of a Sunday School class, church committee or ministry team. You’re on the church ball team, the nursery rotation or praise band. Whatever your involvement in your local church, each group you attend or serve has a leader who […]

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