About Derwin Gray

Derwin L. Gray is the founding and Lead Pastor of Transformation Church, a multi-ethnic, multi-generational, mission-shaped community that loves God completely (Upward), ourselves correctly (Inward), and our neighbors compassionately (Outward) in Indian Land, South Carolina, just south of Charlotte, North Carolina. Transformation Church was recently recognized as one of the fastest growing churches in America for 2010 by Outreach Magazine.

Gray met his wife, Vicki, at BYU and has been married for 19 years. They have two children, Presley and Jeremiah. After graduating from Brigham Young University, he played professional football in the NFL for five years with the Indianapolis Colts (1993-1997) and one year with the Carolina Panthers (1998). Gray is the author of Hero: Unleashing God’s Power in a Man’s Heart (Summerside Press, 2009) and is a highly sought-after communicator. He’s also recognized by many as the Evangelism Linebacker. He’s had the honor of teaching in a variety of settings including Billy Graham Evangelistic Association events, the Billy Graham School of Evangelism, Exponential Conference, Simply Youth Ministry Conference, Greg Stier’s Dare 2 Share Ministries, Tommy Nelson Song of Solomon For Students Conferences and at universities and conferences around the country.

And the Key to Discipleship Is…

Discipleship Is

Biblical, Jesus-empowered, Gospel-centered, grace-infused discipleship transforms a person’s mind and emotions. This beautiful, God the Holy Spirit-enabled act results in a life that progressively reflects Jesus. I graduated Magnum Cum Laude with a Masters of Divinity Degree, with a concentration in Apologetics, from Southern Evangelical Seminary under Norm L. Geisler, Ph.D. I am currently a […]

What Do You Do When a Staff Member Wants to Leave?

Staff Member Leaving

Pastors, what do you do when staff wants to leave and join the staff of another church? And I’m not talking about the staff you want to leave. I’m talking about the “star” that really moves the vision of the church further, faster. Now, let me preface the rest of the blog with this note: […]

Video: When the American Dream Disappoints

Derwin Gray Preachin

The American Dream, it’s something we’ve all heard about. For some, it’s something that we feel we’re all entitled to. But what happens when you wake up from the American Dream and you’re sorely disappointed? Watch as Pastor Derwin Gray explains!

Dear Millennial Christian, Discover Your Calling


Dear Millennial Christian, Hi, my name is Derwin. I’m the founding and lead pastor of Transformation Church. I want to share a couple of thoughts with you pertaining to discovering “your calling”? WHAT IS A “CALLING” FROM GOD? A calling from God is an invitation from God Himself, inviting you to partner with Him in redeeming […]

8 Reasons Why the Apostle Paul Wants Churches to be Multi-Ethnic


The Apostle Paul did not go into a Greco-Roman city and plant a church for the Jews and then a church for gentiles (non-Jews) because it would have been out-of-step with the Gospel he loved, lived, and proclaimed (Galatians 2:11-21). Paul relentlessly believed that the power of the Gospel could create a new kind of […]

Video: Jesus’ Applause Is Enough


In today’s culture, it seems everyone has a desire to be a star. People crave attention and accolades, and let’s face it – some will do just about anything for five minutes of fame. Reality TV is a prime example. But really, the applause of ONE is truly enough. Watch as Pastor Derwin explains!

Leadership: I Wonder if We Got It Wrong?

Foot Washing

Pastors, we talk, preach and make much about leadership and how to be great leaders. But I wonder if we have it wrong? I wonder if our view of leadership is more like that of the pagan Romans than that of Jesus. During the Passover, Jesus’ disciples were talking to Jesus about leading and leadership […]

Pastor, 5 Signs You are in Danger and 5 Ways to Guard Your Heart


In the epic book and movie, Lord of the Rings, I’ve learned a great spiritual lesson that I pray will guide me; protect me and the people I lead at Transformation Church, including my precious wife and children. In this epic story, Sméagol kills a friend for a special ring that had been made by the […]

3 Early Church Lessons for the Modern Church

Old Church

How did 120 Jewish followers in the first century turn into a multi-ethnic movement of over 33 million followers by 350 AD? Immediately we know they preached the Gospel under the power of the Holy Spirit. This is a given.  Sociologist and comparative religion professor, Dr. Rodney Stark in His book, The Rise of Christianity, outlines […]

Dear Church Planter, Don’t Give Up

Dear Church Planter, do you feel like you are on an emotional roller coaster? Some days you feel like Jesus is going to plant the greatest church in the history of the church through you. Some days you feel like your massive inadequacies are going sink the church plant like the Titanic. May your fear, […]

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