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Deborah Wipf has a heart for ministry with a head for business. As the President & Founder of Velocity Ministry Management, Deborah serves ministry leaders by helping them to achieve their God-inspired vision without burning out themselves, their staff, or volunteers. She provides a variety of ministry consulting services based on her experiences in the corporate world and as a church volunteer. Connect with Deborah at velocityministrymanagement.com and on Twitter (@DeborahWipf).

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5 Ways to Get Your Schedule Under Control



I’ve been running with a very full schedule of self-imposed deadlines for the past month and it caught up with me.  I knew going into it that I was setting myself up for a busier than normal season.  I thought it was reasonable since; after all, it was only for a season.  I convinced myself […]

The Dark Side of “Make it Happen”



I’ve seen the “make it happen” mindset in-action countless times in ministry.  Staff and volunteers scramble to pull off an event or launch a new program and they manage to make it happen. What most people in the congregation don’t see, however, is the fallout.  Staff members are exhausted and frustrated with each other. Families […]

10 Commandments for Leading Church Volunteers


Ten Commandments

We’re all familiar with the 10 Commandments, so I thought I’d have some fun and create a version for leading church volunteers. I also have a set for how to be an all-star volunteer.  Stay tuned for that one later this week. Check these out for happy and faithful volunteers: Thou shalt plan ahead and […]

3 Signs Your Church is Too Busy


Church Is Too Busy

Reaching people for Christ is our main mission in ministry and most churches use a variety of methods to attract a diverse audience.  That makes sense and yet if we’re not careful, this can lead to a scattered approach that drains your people and church finances. Then once a program or event is in-place, it […]

3 Ways Introverted Church Leaders Can Thrive in an Extroverted World


How Introverts Can Thrive

Have you ever stood in the back of a crowded room to take a break from talking to people?  Did you have an overpowering urge to turn down that party invitation to stay home and read a book?  Does not talking for several hours at a time sound perfectly normal to you?  Me too!  As a […]

5 Keys to Communicating with Volunteers



Wondering why your volunteers aren’t quite doing what you need them to do?  Do they arrive late or unprepared?  The issue may not be a lack of enthusiasm or commitment – it may just be that they don’t really know what you need. Better communication just might be the key to unlocking your volunteers’ potential. […]

How Your Accounting Department Supports the Vision



In my last post, I raised the idea that the behind-the-scenes processes can either propel or derail the vision of your organization.  In the next few posts, I’d like to expand on that by addressing certain back-office functions and how each specifically supports your vision. In the spotlight this week is the lonely accounting / finance […]

Behind the Scenes Issues Can Propel or Derail Your Vision



They aren’t glamorous, exciting or even all that interesting most of the time.  They can be frustrating, mundane and usually hide in the background not seen by many…until they are broken, disjointed and creating problems. These are not front-line aspects of any non-profit and can be easily dismissed for what seem like higher priorities.  However, […]

8 Items That Belong On Your Ministry Calendar



This time of year, most non-profits are in overdrive providing meals, toys, shelter and support for the holiday season.  You’re swamped and stretched pretty thin, so planning for the upcoming year may not be your top priority.  However, January will be here before you know it and you’ll want to start off the year ahead […]

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