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They are the future … that is what you might expect me to say about the importance of the children and youth of your church. The reality is, they are not the future.

They are the present and they can be instrumental in encouraging your church to raise the bar and step into new ministries with excitement and energy. They have the ability to inspire and lead the way for a congregation that finds itself in a rut.

Seven years ago, my church found itself without a youth group. At the time, it appeared youth ministry was a thing of the past for us. Those with children, however, wanted to make sure that those children became connected to the church and had something that appealed to them and inspired them. The goal was to ensure they would always know that God was there for them, regardless of what they might face in their lives.

I remember standing in front of the congregation and telling them when a child has three or more adults in their lives, outside of their family, whom they can look up to and…

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