About Dave Holden

Dave Holden is the International Training Director for Equipping Leadership and a Pastor at Saddleback Church. Dave has helped over 32,000 global leaders maximize their life's work, and has an amazing knack for helping the average Pastor discover new growth in the church. Catch him on Twitter: @HDaveHolden.

Video: Overview of the Purpose Driven Paradigm


Purpose Driven

Saddleback Church’s Pastor Dave Holden offers this 20 minute overview of the Purpose Driven Church paradigm. It’s biblical, transferrable, and doable wherever you’re doing ministry. He starts with the goal of producing disciples and moves into how disciples are made in a purpose driven church.

Define Your Purpose to Grow a Healthy Church



The first step to get a church to grow again, to get a declining church to grow, or to get a growing church to grow more, is to redefine your purpose. Go back and rediscover the original vision of the church and say, “Why are we doing what we’re doing?” Growing churches have a clear-cut […]

Preaching ‘How To’ Sermons Instead of ‘Ought To’ Sermons


Bible How To

As a young pastor I can remember the feeling of expectancy when I took the pulpit of my church for the first time. I had graduated with a Masters of Divinity degree and had been awarded the school’s top preaching award. I thought I was ready to take on the world through the ministry of […]

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