About Chris McAlister

Chris McAlister has pastored and served in churches small and large for over ten years. He is pastor of Discovery Church in Columbus, Ohio. He is an adjunct professor at Capital University and he is the chief facilitator of SightShift events. He counsels, coaches, and trains leaders of all types.

Finding Your Own Leadership Voice and Style



It’s a natural process to be impacted by someone’s leadership and then copy that leadership for a season. It’s what you know so it’s what you do. But at some point you have to learn to lead through your voice and style. Just because someone you deeply respect does certain things in their leadership of […]

Secure Leaders Are Better Communicators (Let’s Puke)



NEVER have I heard of organization/church where there was a collective expression : “Enough already. We’ve heard about this too much.” Instead UNDER-communication cripples unity and teamwork. I wake up in the morning and often think : “Who needs to know what I am thinking/feeling/acting on today?” But teams can push against talking about something […]

Secure Leaders Can Admit They Are Stuck


Photo by Wagner T. Cassimiro "Aranha".

You will face those moments. Count on it. You will feel stuck. You need to make a decision. You feel the pressure.  And you don’t know what action/course to take. I have faced multi-million dollar debts, major staff crises, a divided church, and a distracted lead pastor. I have messed up more than I have […]

Don’t Be a Task Master – Build a Team!



When you’re building a team in a high stakes environment there are two ways to operate: 1. Be a driving task master – you will get the results but you won’t get grow self-directed leaders – you will get them to match your passion but they won’t learn to dig deep and find their own […]

Mission Builds Community (Team Building With Healthy Identity)


Leading the Crowd

Mission builds community. If you try to build community with no mission you will end up playing at life and going through the motions. It’s the ascent up the mountain, checking gear, adjusting to breathing different than everybody else in the valley, and making sure those taking the journey with you aren’t getting left behind […]

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