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QuestionsEvery church I know of holds weekend worship services. Most of them hold at least 52 a year. Nearly all of them will have visitors show up, even if by accident.

What we don’t often realize is the incredible anxiety most of them are feeling as they walk through our doors.

Their minds are racing with questions.

The answer to those questions will most likely determine whether or not they ever come back.

For some, it may even determine where they spend eternity!

Here’s my unofficial list of a first time guest’s questions:

1. Is the roof going to cave in on me? Or sometimes stated, “Am I going to get struck by lightning?”

Many of our guests are feeling the incredible contrast between their current lifestyle and what they know God wants from them. Because of this, they think that God and them are on the outs and that He’s probably ticked off at them.

2. Is anyone going to acknowledge me?

This is human nature. Whether we are visiting a church or a restaurant or a store. When we enter walk into an organization we believe to be customer-driven, we expect someone to speak to us. In fact,…

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Brian Moss North Coast

On a recent trip to visit North Coast Church in southern California to check out their multi-venue model, I had the opportunity to sit down with Chris Mavity, who heads up their training.  Chris is a wealth of wisdom for church leaders.  Our conversation quickly drifted from venues to church health.

Our church has experienced some setbacks in our dream of a new facility.  We are already running 3 services on a Sunday morning and were really looking forward to the new space.  But after 4 years of setbacks, it became obvious that the new building wasn’t happening.  In the mean time, our church plateaued.  We’ve added nearly 800 new members during that time, yet total weekend attendance has not increased.  For years I have wrestled with this issue looking at it from a thousand angles.  Why are we plateaued?  What do we need to do? Where do we start? There are at least a hundred different variables in these questions. It’s enough to drive a leader insane!

Thankfully, God used Chris to bring the issues into perspective.  He said, “you need to do three things – clarify, simplify, and…

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