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The Productive PastorThe role of a pastor is challenging because our job is unique. We are called to wear several hats, many times simultaneously. Some mornings I look at my calendar and see the variety of tasks and appointments before me and I wonder how I don’t go postal by lunch.

While leading a church is a challenge, I have 
found in working with thousands of pastors that most pastors struggle to feel productive throughout the day. We all know there are sermons to write, calls to make, leaders to invest in and staff to encourage, but making sure our responsibilities get done is difficult. Many pastors go to bed at night wondering is they’ve made any tangible difference in the world because they spent the day putting out fires rather than putting points on the board.

The Productive Pastor ebook gives you the practical tools to get your work done so you can go home early and invest in your kids and spend time with your wife. My goal is to help you get your life back. When take these three practices and put them to use…

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Top 5 Mistakes Pastors MakeThis 35 page ebook outlines the mistakes you could be making that are hindering your church.

  • The 1 absolute MUST of casting vision
  • The toughest person to lead in your church (it’s not who you think)
  • The 3 reasons people don’t respond to vision
  • How ignoring one skill can completely limit your church ability to reach people
  • The 4 absolutes of outreach
  • The most important ministry in your church (that few are engaged in)
  • How a change of perspective can save you thousands in outreach dollars
  • Discover the 1 secret that will make or break your outreach efforts

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