Aubrey Malphurs

About Aubrey Malphurs

Aubrey is a prolific and award-winning author of more than 20 books, with titles focusing on topics such as strategic planning, leadership development, church planting and organizational strategies. In addition to being the inspirational leader of the organization, Aubrey is a Senior Professor of Leadership and Pastoral Ministry at Dallas Theological Seminary in Dallas, Texas.

Dr. Malphurs planted his first church in 1972. He has also pastored two churches in Dallas, Texas, while teaching at Dallas Seminary. Since 1997, he has devoted his time to teaching and leadership of The Malphurs Group. Aubrey has partnered with numerous organizations, both in the US and in foreign countries such as Russia, England, Philippines, Finland, Latvia, Germany, Holland, Switzerland and France. He has been a consultant and seminar leader for a wide variety of denominational organizations across the country.

10 Questions for Better Church Communication


Questions for Communication

The church in general isn’t doing a very good job in communicating. Just ask their people if they know what is going on. Several churches in Dallas-Ft. Worth have been singled out as good at communicating: Prestonwood, Stonebriar, and Irving Bible. Irving Bible has its own department with a staff that’s responsible for communication. Spend a day (or […]

How to Change Your Church Culture


Look Before You Lead

When pastors enter new ministry positions, they often find a dissonance between what they hope will occur and what the congregation is ready for. This is often because of the fact that the pastor’s culture does not match the culture of the congregation and/or the community in which he serves. In order to answer the […]

Why All Churches Should Have a Birth Plan


Family Planning

One of my colleagues recently had his second child. As we were preparing this month’s Leadership Link on Church Planting, I realized a couple’s birth plan is an excellent metaphor for churches who want to be “church-planting” churches. Unfamiliar with birth plans? It’s ok. Many people are. They help the mother (and father) take initiative […]

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