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In the world of Apple, (as I saw on Biography) and the mind of those who really change things, there’s an ability to connect the dots between two things…
Invention and Innovation
They are able to take an idea (Invention) and make it plausible (Innovation) for the masses. And the catalyst between those two points must be… Action!

Many can come up with great ideas, and plan things that appear to be the real game changer, but many incredible ideas die on the table of “Invention” and never see any action.

That is a great call for the Church, and us as leaders of His Church. We must be those who can…

    1. Watch and Pray
    2. Hear His voice
    3. Catch the vision, and write it down
    4. Develop a Plan of Action
    5. Delegate areas to other team members
    6. Comunicate a real win (the target)
    7. Establish a system to measure progress
    8. A willingness to change to see the Target accomplished

We are not called to be Inventors, but rather Innovators! We are called by God to take the Gospel message and make it “Craveable” to the masses. And…

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When looking for new staff members, I hear leaders say:

“I have been looking, but I haven’t found the right person yet.”

In all honesty, what should be said is, “I haven’t heard the right person yet.” I know that sounds strange, but that’s the way it was done all through Scripture. The example that stands out is this:

The prophet Samuel was “looking” for the one God had chosen. But, having only the ability to see in the natural, he wanted to choose a man who looked the part, which would probably have been a “good” choice. But, God said “That’s not him; you are looking at the wrong thing. You must listen to me, because only I can see the heart.”

It comes down to this:

  1. Surrender the process to God.
  2. Commit to listening to God to hear him speak someone’s name.
  3. Don’t get anxious, wait on God, and don’t “look” in the flesh. (I just heard the name of one I have been waiting 3 years for!)
  4. When you hear the name, even if it makes no sense, trust God.
You can choose staff by three choices: bad, good, and…

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Andy and BarneyWhen Andy Griffith died, my mind was flooded with the memories of watching him and Barney do their thing in Mayberry. And I thought of somethings Andy did that would help the church…

1. Never carry a gun

I loved the way Andy could keep the peace, protect the innocent and catch the bad guys…without a gun.

In the church world, we could learn from that. People don’t respond very well to force or a show of force. If we are patient and let others “catch it” and not force it, we will see a greater return.

2. Be loyal to your right-hand

Andy was very loyal to Barney. It didn’t matter how many mistakes he would make, he believed in him, and Barney became better because of Andy’s investment in him.

Look for those that may not fit around you now, but with some investment, will prove to be your greatest asset.

3. Don’t be defensive

I never saw Andy get offended when someone didn’t go with his idea or would out right criticize it.

Being defensive is a sure sign  of immaturity and pride. If it’s God’s thing, then let…

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iPhone AppA doctor friend was subscribing a medication for me once, and pulled out his iPhone and began to insert my age, gender, weight, current medications and it told him what to give and in what dosage! Dang…Nice!

Then it suggested the correct medication, and warned of other medications or activities that should not be taken or done while on this prescription.

I want one of those for leadership!

I think Apple should develop a leadership app for Pastors and Church leaders! Wouldn’t that be cool. Like, any problem we had to face, we could turn on Siri, and ask a question…

1- Who’s the best person for this new position?

2- What’s the most powerful series we could do next month?

3- What about that immoral issue with that influential leader?

4- What outreach would build the Kingdom the most?

5- Who should I be investing the most in?

6- What’s the best use of our resources right now?

7- Should we promote ***____ and bring him on staff?

That would be a rockin App! Just plug in all our stats and DNA, and it would “magically” and “Logically” give us the “right” answer…Wrong!

The Kingdom of God doesn’t operate…

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After getting hit in the head with a bat — it seems you would learn not walk in front of the person swinging one at you. Well, I guess I’m not that bright!

After many years of trying to be the most Kingdom building, productive, caring, loving and reproducing leader, I have been forced to face this…

Emotional Health Trumps all Else!

We’re created in God’s image. God is an emotional being and so are we. We talk a lot about caring for ourselves in many ways:

  • Spiritually
  • Physically
  • Relationally
  • Financially, etc…

But, if you don’t take care of yourself, and stay healthy emotionally, you can kill off everything else in your life!

That is the only area I’ve found with that kind of killing power in the life of a human being. Once you allow yourself to become so emotionally un-healthy, it’s almost, if not impossible, for all the other areas of your life to suffer tremendous harm.

Un-Healthy Emotions Kill Relationships

Emotionally unhealthy people withdraw; they criticize unfairly and carry bitterness and unforgiveness. These kill relationships, no matter how close or far, from marriage to distant friendships.

If we are weak emotionally, we can destroy precious relationships (Been there…

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QuitLet’s be real, leadership ain’t easy. It can be tough, lonely, and bring us to many dark roads. The demands cause many to hang it up and quit altogether. They decide it’s not worth it anymore. When you get to that place, Go to this place.

4 things to keep you from quitting.

Q – Quiet (Be still and know that I am God) – Time with God is essential at anytime, especially when you’re at the end of your rope. Go to a place, be quite, and let your Creator speak to you. Let him speak admiration, conviction, direction, and whatever else He needs to. Why do you need it to be quiet? So that nothing keeps you from HEARING Him.

U – Unplug – Keep it quiet. Unplug every connection to any source that is draining to you. Your laptop, your iPad, your phone, your email, your video chat, anything that is tethering you to the world. Now, of course, don’t be stupid, you’ll have to plan ahead in order to do it, but you can make this happen… you MUST. Unplug from the world, let everyone know that you can’t…

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SonIf my son were starting a church this weekend…

and he came to me and asked, “Dad, what are the most important things I need to know?” I would think, “Man, this is my BOY! He has got to get this right.” I would pray a minute, ask him to take out his Ipad, and then say…

1-What you’re doing is all about loving people. Forget that, and you’re doomed
2-Make your wife priority! Never let her feel she’s in the back seat behind ministry
3-Raise your kids in freedom! Don’t let your position make you feel they have to be superstars
4-Learn to hear God’s voice. Know what His whisper sounds like… There is NO other way
5-It would be better to promote someone a year late, than a day early
6-Invest in those on your team. Let them see the good, bad and ugly
7-Never get in a rut! If you change 1-Degree at a time, you will maximize effectiveness
8-Preach from the overflow of what God is telling you
9-Don’t serve bread dough on Sunday morning, serve hot bread
10-Find a group of other leaders, form relationships… They will save your life!
11-Never seek to please people. That is…

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VisionVision isn’t just something good for leaders to have, it’s a must! Proverbs says it pretty clearly…

Without vision people DIE.

They won’t follow a leader that doesn’t have vision. People don’t follow a leader that doesn’t have a clear vision and doesn’t communicate it.

People won’t join you on your journey if you don’t know where you’re going or if you haven’t told them where you’re gonna take them. They want to know that WHERE they’re gonna go is WORTH their effort, time and resources. Sure, they’ll follow… if they know where you’re going.

People won’t follow a leader without a good vision of values. Ask anyone and they’ll tell you that they want a leader that has high values and isn’t afraid to communicate those to the people they’re taking with them. They want to know the things the leader holds high and what the things are that are going to get them to where their leader is taking them.

No matter what you’re leading… a church, a family, a bake sale, people will follow your vision a lot further and through a lot more if they know that you have high values…

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Measuring UpMissional – The church buzz word of the last five years. It’s what we’re supposed to be. It’s what we’re supposed to do, but understanding that, well… there seems to be some “Tension-al.”

This is the way I see it. I’m a very simple guy, therefore things have  GOT TO BE simple. I never see God trying to make things hard to understand, or difficult to define. Jesus equipped a circle of “uneducated and untrained men.” He didn’t do that by making their mission hard to undertand, or define!

I think we spend way to much time debating the what something means, and not measuring the outcome of what we are doing. Really…I care far less of what your definition is, or what you’re doing, the big question is…

What are you getting DONE?

1- How many people are you seeing come to know Jesus?

2- How many people are learning what it means to follow Jesus?

3- How many people are becoming LIKE Jesus, and bringing others in?

If those (3) questions are measured and are being DONE and growing. Then guess what, it doesn’t matter what others may say about how, why and where you…

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“Artie, where do find such great staff?” I was asked that question by a group of pastors several weeks ago. I told them we hire felons, Millennials (20 somethings) and the people no one else would hire. We firmly believe God uses the healed to bring healing.

Our middle school director and her husband (both felons & married recently) have seen over 20 kids come to know Jesus and be baptized in just 3 weeks!

The 20-somethings take on any and every project with incredible gusto and creativity. They have a passion for the Kingdom that doesn’t sleep! I can text or call one of them at anytime, and wham! “I’m on it pastor!”

We have an ex-Marine Corp “Gunny,” a retired judge, an ex-insurance salesman and a cruise line entertainer! Just to name a few of our Pastors backgrounds. All add such a great mix of diversity and freshness to our church and leadership that can only be contributed to the grace and power of God.

Bottom line, when you are looking to add to your staff or leadership, look and listen where God is moving. It might surprise you that the…

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