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SonIf my son were starting a church this weekend…

and he came to me and asked, “Dad, what are the most important things I need to know?” I would think, “Man, this is my BOY! He has got to get this right.” I would pray a minute, ask him to take out his Ipad, and then say…

1-What you’re doing is all about loving people. Forget that, and you’re doomed
2-Make your wife priority! Never let her feel she’s in the back seat behind ministry
3-Raise your kids in freedom! Don’t let your position make you feel they have to be superstars
4-Learn to hear God’s voice. Know what His whisper sounds like… There is NO other way
5-It would be better to promote someone a year late, than a day early
6-Invest in those on your team. Let them see the good, bad and ugly
7-Never get in a rut! If you change 1-Degree at a time, you will maximize effectiveness
8-Preach from the overflow of what God is telling you
9-Don’t serve bread dough on Sunday morning, serve hot bread
10-Find a group of other leaders, form relationships… They will save your life!
11-Never seek to please people. That is…

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VisionVision isn’t just something good for leaders to have, it’s a must! Proverbs says it pretty clearly…

Without vision people DIE.

They won’t follow a leader that doesn’t have vision. People don’t follow a leader that doesn’t have a clear vision and doesn’t communicate it.

People won’t join you on your journey if you don’t know where you’re going or if you haven’t told them where you’re gonna take them. They want to know that WHERE they’re gonna go is WORTH their effort, time and resources. Sure, they’ll follow… if they know where you’re going.

People won’t follow a leader without a good vision of values. Ask anyone and they’ll tell you that they want a leader that has high values and isn’t afraid to communicate those to the people they’re taking with them. They want to know the things the leader holds high and what the things are that are going to get them to where their leader is taking them.

No matter what you’re leading… a church, a family, a bake sale, people will follow your vision a lot further and through a lot more if they know that you have high values…

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Measuring UpMissional – The church buzz word of the last five years. It’s what we’re supposed to be. It’s what we’re supposed to do, but understanding that, well… there seems to be some “Tension-al.”

This is the way I see it. I’m a very simple guy, therefore things have  GOT TO BE simple. I never see God trying to make things hard to understand, or difficult to define. Jesus equipped a circle of “uneducated and untrained men.” He didn’t do that by making their mission hard to undertand, or define!

I think we spend way to much time debating the what something means, and not measuring the outcome of what we are doing. Really…I care far less of what your definition is, or what you’re doing, the big question is…

What are you getting DONE?

1- How many people are you seeing come to know Jesus?

2- How many people are learning what it means to follow Jesus?

3- How many people are becoming LIKE Jesus, and bringing others in?

If those (3) questions are measured and are being DONE and growing. Then guess what, it doesn’t matter what others may say about how, why and where you…

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“Artie, where do find such great staff?” I was asked that question by a group of pastors several weeks ago. I told them we hire felons, Millennials (20 somethings) and the people no one else would hire. We firmly believe God uses the healed to bring healing.

Our middle school director and her husband (both felons & married recently) have seen over 20 kids come to know Jesus and be baptized in just 3 weeks!

The 20-somethings take on any and every project with incredible gusto and creativity. They have a passion for the Kingdom that doesn’t sleep! I can text or call one of them at anytime, and wham! “I’m on it pastor!”

We have an ex-Marine Corp “Gunny,” a retired judge, an ex-insurance salesman and a cruise line entertainer! Just to name a few of our Pastors backgrounds. All add such a great mix of diversity and freshness to our church and leadership that can only be contributed to the grace and power of God.

Bottom line, when you are looking to add to your staff or leadership, look and listen where God is moving. It might surprise you that the…

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Green Thumb UpHaving someone offer to help you with a great vision is awesome, but patience while leading and waiting is crucial. If you get impatient or move too quickly,  you hurt people in the Kingdom and the community you are called to impact.

When God communicates a new or renewed vision to a leader, much too often they think the vision comes with a “Go now!” clause. It almost always does not! We have to allow the vision time to soak.

When you communicate vision, passion, and direction to those you lead, you have to allow the Spirit time to make the vision plain. Remember, it’s God’s vision (well, it better be!), so give the Spirit ample time to water the seeds you have planted.

If you move too quickly, and begin to “command the hand” — telling others what to do (hand) before they have had time to really believe (heart) and buy in to what you have said (head) — they may do what you ask for a short time out of guilt, loyalty, or feeling manipulated, but it won’t last! You have to communicate (head) vision, passion, and…

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NinjaI love ninjas! Those guys you never know are there, but before you know it they can mess you up! Leader ninjas, are the ones that aren’t loud or proud, but powerful and able to guard you and build you.

They Watch

They aren’t quick to move, only when absolutely necessary. They generally watch very closely to see what their best move should be.

They Run

They don’t engage on every front. They aren’t proud, thinking they have to win every battle, they have the humility to bow out when the the outcome doesn’t adversely effect the mission.

They Jump

The move quickly from one project to the next. They have the ability to move seamlessly between issues and yet give focus to the one in front of them.

They Punch

They will flat know you out if you mess with someone on their team! They are the greatest advocates of others and aren’t hesitant to “go to the mattresses’ for others.

They Block

They protect themselves from the critics. They don’t just walk into situations or relationships with their guard down. They will be open, but only after it’s earned.

They Lift

They don’t throw their responsibility off to others. They own the outcome and lift the burden…

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ConversationThere are many places you can start as a leader, but the best place is…The Beginning.

Leadership begins with Trust. No matter who you are, or who you are with, if you don’t have trust no one will care what you say. Trust is hard to earn, and very easy to lose. It’s an asset we must guard with great diligence.

I have seen three critical steps to being effective as a leader.

Trust > Influence > Authority

We should gain the trust of those we are called or intend to lead. Trust comes before influence. Leadership is all about influence, influence gives you the “critical mass” necessary to create movement and momentum with those you’re with. Influence comes after, and only on the heels of trust. No trust, No influence.

After Trust and Influence comes Authority. Authority gives you the ability to make decisions that will affect the outcome of the vision and the team you’re leading. Authority should be used as tool for the movement of the vision, not as weapon of reprisal or punishment. If you abuse authority, or use it for personal gain, you will soon be without it.

Hmmm… What happens if you…

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Hand BookEver notice God is constantly “flipping the pages” of our lives? We go from place to place (page to page), and season to season (Chapter to Chapter). Some places are easy, some hard, some seem unbearable!

But in each place God wants us to Win It! Have victory in EVERY place, every page and in every season.

I have found these 4-steps to be invaluable to me in seeing that victory. Simple but very powerful…


God leads and directs our next move as we delight in Him. In life we will take many steps, if we walk in the Spirit, each step will be in the right direction, and lead to the right place.


Once there, we ask God “What must I do here?” With each new place, we have to take a stand there. There is something we are to get done for the Kingdom in that place. Make sure you know what you’re supposed to do.


We ask God “how” are we to get done what He said. There are a lot of different ways to “getter done!” But, there is only one “how” that will actually get it done, make sure…

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What HowBeen talking this week how the Bible gives us the “What” we must do, but not the “How.” You can catch up Here …and  Here.

We can never fall in love with “How” we do things! The moment we fall in love with the “How” we become a Pharisee. I know that sounds a little harsh, but Jesus’ main contention with the Pharisee’s were there insistance of taking a command of God, and then telling everyone “how” to do it. What they could and could not do!

Jesus said they were like “broods of Vipers.” In other words, they injected venom and poison to those they came into contact with. Mostly because they held people to a standard that was man authored and not God authored. We do the same thing when we measure someone else’s ”how” agains our own, and measure them against our “how.” Like…

  • This is “how” you do small groups
  • This is “how” you do Sunday morning
  • This is “how” you serve your community
  • This is “how” you structure _________.

You get the point…

We can ONLY love the “What”….Go make Followers of Me Everywhere!

We must love, seeing others come into the Kingdom, others moving with God and investing and…

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Why HowThis is “What” you have to do. It’s very clear in the Bible what those things are…

  • Love God with all you got
  • Love others like yourself
  • Tell others about Jesus
  • Love your Bride like Jesus did His
  • Be Patient
  • Be Kind
  • And _________.

These are the types of “What You Must Do” things in the Bible. These are non-negotiable, not up for debate (the clearly stated commands of Scripture). Then there are the “This is what must happen things” as well (Results for which we have must take the responsibility for).

  • You must make followers of Jesus
  • You must present your wife spotless
  • You must raise your kids to fear God

OK. So, we have things that we “Must Do”, and a few things that “Must Happen.” The question is always…


I want you to consider that the bible doesn’t answer that question for us. It tells us what we must do, and at times what must happen, but not “How” to do it. There is a reason for that. We are all different, and the bible was written to transcend time, age, education, culture and context.

Our “how” must come from God. We must pay the price to hear from God “how” we should carry out His…

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expectationsUn-met Expectations can KILL! You know the feeling… You were expecting with all of your heart for “this”, instead you got “That!” We all have expectations, we have them in marriage, kids, team mates, weather, restaurants and friends..etc…

The problem is when our expectations are not met, then we get mad, hurt, disappointed or worse… Disengage or become bitter. I have experiences in all of those and quite frankly, I want all of my expectations to be met! But then, that is an unfair expectation!

That’s the thing about expectations, there are rules…

  • Expectations must be communicated to be validated. If they don’t know…They don’t know.
  • Expectations must be accepted to be effected. You can’t force expectations the other party refuses to fill.
  • Expectations must be loving to be lasting. You can’t put legalistic, selfish or cruel expectations on someone, it just won’t last!

Ask yourself a question. Why am I disappointed, hurt or bitter at _________ ? Fill in the blank with the name. Then ask yourself if the reason for your pain is an unmet expectation. If so, make sure that you expectation had met all the rules above. If not, go and ask forgiveness for being mad!

This has…

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fishI have seen many great leaders have the same trait…Rebellion. I mean at one point for a period of time in their lives they were rebellious. I think rebellion is the seed from which many godly leaders are sprouted. Rebellion is having…

“…opposition to one in authority or dominance”

In other words a future leader has it in their hearts to ask the hard questions, they are willing to pay the price to walk outside the line, break the rules and willing to take the licks for doing so. When younger, they appear to be the “strong willed” little ones. They’re the “gang leader” for pulling off pranks and getting others in trouble.

Then, those who are touched by God, and anointed and gifted to lead… go through a transformation. The Spirit of God takes those “traits” of rebellion and makes them submissive to His words and will. He uses the seeds of rebellion and produces a leader!

This emerging leader that once questioned authority, now submits to the authority of God. And has incredible energy and ability to believe God for great things where others could not see that far outside the box. Their ability to…

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