3 Answers to the Question, “How Do I Become A Better leader”



1. Trust God from the bottom of your heart. I know that seems like a ‘nah duh’ kind of statement  especially for those of us that are called to lead Christ’s Church. The truth is, though, that it can be tough as a leader to REALLY trust at times. When it feels like it’s all on […]

3 Essentials for Growing Your Influence



Saul was made king 3 times! But only after proving himself was he truly embraced as their leader. Here are 3 things that happened to Saul that helped him grow in influence and be embraced as the leader… 1 – Anointed of God This may seem like a no brainier, but many try to put […]

Three Essential Core Values for Every Church



Core Values – The ideals and values we hold, that are non-negotiable, that serve as filters for all of efforts to accomplish our mission. (My working definition)  The story of Jehu in 2 Kings 10 came in front of me recently, and reading it again, several things really struck me. Jehu…found Jehonadab…coming to meet him. He greeted him […]

3 Vital Plans In Multiplying New Leaders



“We have a leadership deficit.” Words many of us have spoken, and all of us have heard from others. We know how vital it is for every church to have and fill a solid leadership pipeline. But for many, some of the steps involved in that process seem overwhelming, and many don’t know where to start. […]

Lead Through Change a Little At a Time


Aircraft Carrier

Any church that doesn’t change in response to the change in culture, community or context will eventually cease to exist. Any church that wants to stay around and keep their doors open will make constant and subtle changes along the way. How should that change take place? #1 In response to a new “God-Vision.” God […]

The 5-Most Powerful Ways to Lead


Ways to Lead

All great leaders are great learners. But, sometimes we overcomplicate that process and leave behind the most foundational elements that make a great leader… great I’ve found that a check of the basics is always a good place to start. If we have strong basics in place, it’s much more difficult to fall off as […]

Poor Emotional Health – The Big Pastor Killer


Emotional Health

After getting hit in the head with a bat… it seems you would learn not walk in front of the person swinging one at you. Well, I guess I’m not that bright! After many years of trying to be the most Kingdom building, productive, caring, loving and reproducing leader, I have been forced to face this… […]

5 Signs of an Up and Coming Leader


Young Leaders

In 1 Samuel 10 Saul is anointed as King over Israel. As soon as he was anointed as the leader… 5 signs occurred that I see in the leaders of today (or I should say the great anointed leaders of today). New Heart God changed everything about him. His new heart gave him the compassion, the […]

3 Critical Sources of Feedback for Church Leaders



Feedback exists between two parts when each affects the other. Are you affected by those you lead? Those who just watch, and those who observe from afar? Of course you are? The question is, are you really harnessing the power of how those around you perceive you? Perception is king! We can think we are experienced and […]

Why Leaders Can’t Be Pleasers



I was having a conversation the other day with an up and coming leader. He was dealing with a very hurtful relationship that ended and he didn’t understand why it was so painful for so long. We discovered his issue wasn’t just the pain of the relationship it was the pain of feeling rejected. Rejection […]

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