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CoreCore Values – The ideals and values we hold, that are non-negotiable, that serve as filters for all of efforts to accomplish our mission. (My working definition) 

The story of Jehu in 2 Kings 10 came in front of me recently, and reading it again, several things really struck me.

Jehu...found Jehonadab…coming to meet him. He greeted him and then asked, “Is your heart one with mine?

#1 Unity

We can’t accomplish the mission God has given us (Help People Find, Follow and Be-Like Jesus), if there is division in the ranks. Without unity, you will be thrown back two steps for every one you think you’ve made.

#2 Team

It is,” Jehonadab replied. Jehu said, “If it is, give me your hand.” So he gave him his hand, and Jehu pulled him up into the chariot with him.

There is always two parts to a team. We must be willing to take a hand of those we’re running with, and offer a hand as well.

A true team that are owning the mission and vision of your church will not play “turf wars.” If they do…You aren’t casting the vision well enough in the context of how each part is vital to…

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Multiplying“We have a leadership deficit.”

Words many of us have spoken, and all of us have heard from others. We know how vital it is for every church to have and fill a solid leadership pipeline. But for many, some of the steps involved in that process seem overwhelming, and many don’t know where to start.

I’m a small town simple-minded pastor that has  difficulty with complicated processes. So here is a simple pattern I’ve learned to get new potential leaders on your radar and start a process to  move them through.

#1 Find Them

You will never see what you aren’t actively looking for. I’m guilty of this all the time! I can get so busy with “stuff” I can’t see. If you need leaders, don’t look for them to come to you, you have to go to them, but you first have to find them…So look for them, pray for them, seek them and you find them.

Write down a three step plan for finding them.

#2 Feed Them

Once you’ve found these great gems, you have to feed them. Feed them things like… The Vision, Passion and Direction of the church. Feed them leadership principles that you’ve found…

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Aircraft CarrierAny church that doesn’t change in response to the change in culture, community or context will eventually cease to exist. Any church that wants to stay around and keep their doors open will make constant and subtle changes along the way.

How should that change take place?

#1 In response to a new “God-Vision.”

God cares about those perishing in your community far more that you and your church. So, God is all-in for the changes necessary to see as many as possible come to Him. He will give a fresh vision to accomplish that, to the heart of a humble and passionate leader.

#2 A little at a time.

Imagine you are the captain of an aircraft carrier. All of the men on the carrier are standing on the edge at attention. Something happens and you have to change course. How would you change your course? You’d do it very slightly. You’d do it a little at a time. If you took the wheel and jerked it to the right or the left, everyone of your men would fall overboard. They’d be unable to keep their balance.

As a leader, we have to make small,…

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Ways to LeadAll great leaders are great learners. But, sometimes we overcomplicate that process and leave behind the most foundational elements that make a great leader… great

I’ve found that a check of the basics is always a good place to start. If we have strong basics in place, it’s much more difficult to fall off as we move ahead.

Here are 5 basic, but powerful ways to lead…

#1 Godly

When we lead godly, we lead with a heart that is more concerned about empowerment and encouragement rather than self promotion. I have to constantly remind myself of Jesus’ words, “The least among you will be the greatest.”

#2 Simply

We over complicate things waaay to much! We may want to impress others or maybe we just think we’ve ‘progressed’ past simplicity. Whatever our reason, sometimes we just need to get back to simple. Sometimes, I have to remind myself, “Keep it simple stupid!”

#3 Timely

You can have the greatest plan and vision in the world, and not lead in a timely manner and kill a great vision and team. When you know, go… but don’t go until you know. Time matters.

#4 Actively

There can be no “absentee owner” of a vision. You…

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Emotional HealthAfter getting hit in the head with a bat… it seems you would learn not walk in front of the person swinging one at you. Well, I guess I’m not that bright!

After many years of trying to be the most Kingdom building, productive, caring, loving and reproducing leader, I have been forced to face this…


Emotional Health…Trumps all Else!

We’re created in God’s image. God is an emotional being and so are we. We talk a lot about caring for ourselves in many ways:

  • Spiritually
  • Physically
  • Relationally
  • Financially, etc…
But, if you don’t take care of yourself, and stay healthy emotionally, you can kill off everything else in your life!
That is the only area I’ve found with that kind of killing power…
in the life of a human being. Once you allow yourself to become so emotionally un-healthy, it’s almost, if not impossible for all the other areas of your life to suffer tremendous harm.

Sick Emotions Kill Relationships

Emotionally unhealthy people withdraw, they criticize unfairly and carry bitterness and unforgiveness. These kill relationships, no matter how close or far. From marriage to distant friendships.

If we are weak emotionally, we can destroy precious relationships (Been there done…

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Young LeadersIn 1 Samuel 10 Saul is anointed as King over Israel. As soon as he was anointed as the leader…

5 signs occurred that I see in the leaders of today (or I should say the great anointed leaders of today).

New Heart

God changed everything about him. His new heart gave him the compassion, the passion & determination to lead. He had a new found ability to control his emotions and thoughts in ways he never knew before. A new heart from God, brings new priorities & paths.

New Words

He prophesied with the prophets. He spoke about the things & plans of God with boldness and great conviction. This is certainly the characteristic of an anointed leader! He hears from God, and proclaims it with boldness. Not walking in fear of man, but in reverent fear of God!

New Followers

“Valiant” men immediately were called by God to go to his side. When you are an anointed leader, God will always send valiant men & women to surround you and hold up your arms. They will guard you, speak life into you, and also the truth-even if it hurts.

New Enemies

When you are truly an anointed leader,…

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FeedbackFeedback exists between two parts when each affects the other. Are you affected by those you lead? Those who just watch, and those who observe from afar? Of course you are?

The question is, are you really harnessing the power of how those around you perceive you?

Perception is king! We can think we are experienced and effective leaders and completely miss our potential to lead, just by not understanding how we are perceived.

Remember this…

It’s not intention, but perception that will make impact

1) Your Leadership Circle

These are the ones closest to you. You lead and work with them on a daily and weekly basis. They know your habits and what you expect, and how you react in certain situations.

It’s vital that these closet to you have absolute freedom to speak into your life. If you don’t feel they deserve that, then either find someone else to take their place, or repent of your pride!

We have to know how people around us are perceiving our leadership! If we ignore our perception we are entrusting our leadership and it’s impact to chance at best.

2) Those on the Inside

Those inside your church also have a unique perception of you. They are…

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DirectionI was having a conversation the other day with an up and coming leader. He was dealing with a very hurtful relationship that ended and he didn’t understand why it was so painful for so long.

We discovered his issue wasn’t just the pain of the relationship it was the pain of feeling rejected. Rejection is very powerful force, and it can be very destructive in the life of a leader. If we fear rejection, we will want to please all those around us, and…

Leaders can’t be Pleasers

Pleasers never Lead, they Congregate

Pleasers will never be leaders because they are more concerned about being “OK” with everyone, instead of being right with God. They love to congregate and hang out with those they feel accepted with. But the truth is, sometimes being a real leader means you may need to stand alone for a while.

Pleasers never Lead, they Participate

Pleasers love to run with the pack, and hang out with everyone like himself. Leaders must blaze new trails, run where others aren’t running. That means breaking away from the pack and embracing new ideas, and walking in the unique calling God as designed you for.

Prayerfully and…

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SecretsHave you ever heard that statement? It applies not only to leaders but to the organizations we lead.

One example is Penn State University. As early as 1998 people were aware that assistant football coach, Jerry Sandusky, had dark issues. But no one took significant action, so they all became part of the problem. Sandusky did not fail alone. The community around him failed miserably to be his safe community. The leaders were sick — the organization was sick. How sick? As sick as their secrets.

A healthy, productive leader is needed for a healthy, productive organizational culture – and we need safe people around us to become that healthy leader. I need people who have the courage to ask the tough questions – and people who I feel safe to tell all.

Here are 5 ways safe people help us  . . .

1) Preemptive Protection. Secrets may not be “sin” in the early stages but they can lead you there. A lot of people will suffer the consequences of my secrets, so someone safe needs to hear exactly what I am thinking. And they do not need to be…

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It’s called being a skilled communicator.

My wife and I (Georgie) have been married almost thirty years and it still amazes me how hard we have to work to keep passion in our relationship. Yeah we do all the “right” things…

– We go on date nights

– We are very affectionate toward one another

– Each supports and encourages the other in their dreams

– You know the rest…Blah, Blah, Blah…


It reminds me of 1 Corinthians 13, we can do this list like Jedi-Marriage-Masters and still fail. I tell you the truth, if all those things are done with out skilled communication, it will not work to it’s potential. You will find yourself tired and worn out!

Skilled communication takes decades to master, years of being a practitioner and many lost pints of blood on the sacred ground of marriage!


It’s worth it! knowing how to communicate in transparency, honesty with love and grace will take your relationship to unexplored heights spiritually, emotionally and yes sexually.

If you want to improve your marriage in ANY area, begin learning and improving your skills at communication, it works every time.

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“It’s time to make time count”

That’s the place we’re in as a church. I’m not getting any younger, and it seems we are losing Kingdom ground on a national and international level. The only answer to reversing that is building and growing Kingdom and mission minded leaders who will do the same.

I feel a great sense of urgency that we have to equip and empower an entire new army of leaders, younger leaders that have incredible passion for the mission of the church to multiply. In response to that, we have revamped our leadership development process.

At its core our new process has 4-Parts…

1A Pre-Process

It’s important that potential leaders know you are serious about multiplying leaders. That it’s not just another “program” they can sign up for. Make your leadership process by invitation only, and where some pretty high standards must be met prior to being allowed in.

2– A Basic Beginning

Start all at the same point. It’s important that all those with you know the vision, passion and direction of your church. Don’t make any assumptions! Remember what they used to say, “Assumption is the mother…

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Gotta tell ya, pastors say some of the stupidest things! Now, I am a BIG pastor fan (I am one), but… sometimes in the name of Jesus, church, God or love the craziest things pass over their vocal cords while bypassing the brain.

Now I recall some of those here for your notes, that meaning, if you are a pastor or not, in the name of Jesus, the church, God and for the sake of love, never say these…

1- I’m glad I don’t have any homosexuals coming to my church

2- It won’t really help or change anything, but you need to pray

3- I know my church will die when I leave, but that’s OK, we can plant another one

4- The church doesn’t have to be diverse in order to reach the city

5- I don’t make friends with any of our staff

6- I love to preach, I just don’t like people

7- I don’t want my church to grow, I’m satisfied with my salary

8- My kids hate our church…But I’m OK with that

9- I’m careful with who I let lead, I don’t want someone to take my job

10-I will…

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