About Artie Davis

Artie Davis wears a lot of hats and leads a lot of people. He's Pastor at Cornerstone Community Church in Orangeburg, SC. He heads the Comb Network and the Sticks Conference. He speaks and writes about leadership, ministry, church-planting, and cultural diversity in the church. You can find his blog at ArtieDavis.com or catch him on Twitter @artiedavis.

3 Bad Systems Your Church Desperately Needs


A bad system is better than no system at all. I love what I heard Andy Stanley said once, “Your system is perfectly suited for the results you’re getting.” It’s quite easy to have no system and therefore have practically no results. So, a bad system that produces “bad” results is at least a place […]

5 Essential Tools for Every Productive Pastor

Mac Desk

As pastors, there’s always a lot on our plate. We change hats and capes constantly. I’ve found that being skilled and gifted is not enough, it’s also about finding ways for your gifts to have the greatest impact. 1- Electronic Bible reading (You Version) In the age of instant share technology, we have the ability […]

4 Vital Parts to Re-Producing Great Leaders

BMAA Meeting

“It’s time to make time count” That’s the place we’re in as a church. I’m not getting any younger, and it seems we are losing Kingdom ground on a national and international level. The only answer to reversing that is building and growing Kingdom and mission minded leaders who will do the same. I feel […]

3 Steps to Answer the Questions Everyone in Your Church is Asking


One of the staff members told me this recently, and it really felt like a stab! What!? Don’t know? Don’t understand? How can that be? We have communicated our vision and plan very well (I said to myself). Well…upon further investigation I came to realize many of those actually committed to the church, didn’t really […]

5 Changes That Increase Productivity


I was reading this recently in the CEO newsletter. I loved the info-graphic, and was intrigued by the biggest changes leaders need to make to become more productive.. The top five really resonated with me and I’ve listed them in my own words… #1 Have a task management system. You have to capture all that you […]

Three Church Lessons from a Jigsaw Puzzle


My wife loves to put together jigsaw puzzles. I’m not patient enough to always help, but I do try as much as I can stand it. A couple of Sundays we were on the back porch and I was watching Georgie put a puzzle together. Here are 3 lessons the church can learn: You have […]

The First Step In Creating Momentum


Momentum is one of those things we all want as leaders. When we have momentum behind us and what we’re leading, we become unstoppable. Walking in great momentum is one of those “sweet” spots for a leader. Every move you make seem to turn to gold. How do you create momentum? It definitely requires seeking […]

3 Answers to the Question, “How Do I Become A Better leader”


1. Trust God from the bottom of your heart. I know that seems like a ‘nah duh’ kind of statement  especially for those of us that are called to lead Christ’s Church. The truth is, though, that it can be tough as a leader to REALLY trust at times. When it feels like it’s all on […]

3 Essentials for Growing Your Influence


Saul was made king 3 times! But only after proving himself was he truly embraced as their leader. Here are 3 things that happened to Saul that helped him grow in influence and be embraced as the leader… 1 – Anointed of God This may seem like a no brainier, but many try to put […]

Three Essential Core Values for Every Church


Core Values – The ideals and values we hold, that are non-negotiable, that serve as filters for all of efforts to accomplish our mission. (My working definition)  The story of Jehu in 2 Kings 10 came in front of me recently, and reading it again, several things really struck me. Jehu…found Jehonadab…coming to meet him. He greeted him […]

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