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I have been a pastor’s wife for 20 years. I was 19 years young when I married my husband, right after he had accepted his first pastorate.

Looking back now, I realize I knew nothing then.

I knew how to stand at the back of the church dutifully by my husband’s side and shake hands with sweet people who really didn’t know me. I did this for many, many years.

Throughout those early years in ministry, I tried really hard to be a supportive, strong, encouraging leader in our churches. I really wanted people to like me. So in order to get people to like me, I needed to dress the part, serve in every area effortlessly, and make sure they didn’t know any of my deep struggles or, God forbid, any of my sins.

It was exhausting and lonely, and I was stuck.

While recently sharing part of my story with some friends in a Bible study, I found myself marveling at the changes God has made in me.

God has been so faithful to draw me out, change my heart, and, in the process, prove his faithfulness in so many lives. When we moved from Arkansas to Southern California…

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Do Over = Grace

By Angie Cox

GraceI am in love with grace. I love the word. I love the idea of it. I love what it represents in my own life and I love seeing it bestowed on others. Sadly though, as much as I love grace….I fail to administer it to the people I love the most.

I have the great opportunity each week to attend a Bible study with other moms. Lately, we have been studying how to love our children like Jesus loves us. That is the goal, right? But, if you’re like me…that standard leaves you feeling like you may not ever get it right. Here is just one change I have made in my parenting that has changed everything.

The “Do over”! What a beautiful thing! Do you ever wish when you said something unkind to your husband, or lost your patience with your kids, or failed to show sensitivity to a person in need, that you could say “Do over!” That is exactly what we are doing in the Cox house these days. Each family member has the right to ask for a “do over” and as parents Brandon and I give…

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BathroomA few weeks ago I had the amazing privilidge to share part of my story with Pastor’s wives at the Radicalis conference at Saddleback Church. Here is a portion of what I shared:

Change is inevitable. It’s going to happen. If we’re alive and breathing on this planet than we know we will experience change in some shape and fashion. Why does God bring change into our lives? I believe he brings about change to grow us, to draw us closer to Him, to bring Him glory. However, while change is unavoidable, spiritual growth through change is a choice.

When we moved from our home in Arkansas to Southern California, my sweet family experienced a heavy dose of change. I struggled. I frequently found myself in tears, or angry and frustrated. When these feelings would come-I had to retreat. One of the problems in living in a small condo with no yard (with a newborn baby) is there isn’t anywhere to go. So I found myself getting as far away as possible in my little home – on the bathroom floor. Just me… sitting there, facing our 1970′s model toilet with it’s…

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