Editorial Apology: Don’t Watch Out for Women, Watch Out For Yourself

By Brandon Cox

Photo by butupa.

At precisely 11:31 am, I glanced at the traffic stats for pastors.com and was elated that we were setting an all-time, single day record for pageviews. One article was responsible for much of the surge, and article originally entitled Young Pastors: 7 Women to Watch Out For.

At 11:32, I read and email that reflects feedback I’ve received from others as well pointing out the sexist nature of the article’s title. Good call, you who voiced this. I should clarify that Joe McKeever, the author, wrote an excellent warning to young men in ministry and meant no harm whatsoever with his title. Joe is one of our best and most consistent writers.

Having re-evaluated the article’s title, I made the executive decision to do three things:

  1. Keep the article. It’s an excellent warning to young men in ministry.
  2. Change the title to reflect the real intent of the article itself. It’s now Men: Protect These 7 Women by Watching Yourself. I’ll explain the new title in a second.
  3. Write a follow-up, myself, on Young Women: 7 Men With Whom to Guard Your Interactions Carefully. It’ll be live sometime next week.

Why the change in title? It’s not that we’re afraid of controversy. Rather it’s that the real problem when sin happens is never external. It’s always internal, which is why Paul encouraged young Timothy to “watch yourself.” It’s why the Bible repeatedly challenges us to guard our hearts and our minds, to put on the armor of God, and to die to self and live to God.

Also, were rather un-chauvinistic at Pastors.com and the last thing we want is to be perceived as sexist in any way. So if you had a negative gut reaction to the original title, know that your voice is heard. And my sincere apologies to anyone offended. I’ll be more careful in the future.

Thanks, in advance, for grace.

Brandon Cox,
Editor & Community Facilitator

Brandon Cox

Brandon Cox has been a Pastor for fifteen years and is currently planting a church in northwest Arkansas, a Saddleback-sponsored church. He also serves as Editor of Pastors.com and Rick Warren's Pastors' Toolbox, and authors a top 100 blog for church leaders. He's also the author of Rewired: Using Technology to Share God's Love.