3 Bad Systems Your Church Desperately Needs


A bad system is better than no system at all. I love what I heard Andy Stanley said once, “Your system is perfectly suited for the results you’re getting.” It’s quite easy to have no system and therefore have practically no results. So, a bad system that produces “bad” results is at least a place […]

5 Ways to Get Your Schedule Under Control


I’ve been running with a very full schedule of self-imposed deadlines for the past month and it caught up with me.  I knew going into it that I was setting myself up for a busier than normal season.  I thought it was reasonable since; after all, it was only for a season.  I convinced myself […]

What Do You Do When a Staff Member Wants to Leave?

Staff Member Leaving

Pastors, what do you do when staff wants to leave and join the staff of another church? And I’m not talking about the staff you want to leave. I’m talking about the “star” that really moves the vision of the church further, faster. Now, let me preface the rest of the blog with this note: […]

5 Essential Tools for Every Productive Pastor

Mac Desk

As pastors, there’s always a lot on our plate. We change hats and capes constantly. I’ve found that being skilled and gifted is not enough, it’s also about finding ways for your gifts to have the greatest impact. 1- Electronic Bible reading (You Version) In the age of instant share technology, we have the ability […]

7 Reasons Your Church Should Create an Annual Report

Annual Church Report

You’ve heard of annual reports, but have you thought of creating one for your church? The point of course is not to imitate a common corporate practice, but to leverage every opportunity to cast vision. As we scan a few reasons why you should do this, let’s start with a definition. Wiki: An annual report is a comprehensive […]

The Dark Side of “Make it Happen”


I’ve seen the “make it happen” mindset in-action countless times in ministry.  Staff and volunteers scramble to pull off an event or launch a new program and they manage to make it happen. What most people in the congregation don’t see, however, is the fallout.  Staff members are exhausted and frustrated with each other. Families […]

20 of the Most Important Things You Should Know About Your Church

Metrics to Measure

Below you will find what I believe to be 20 very important, if not the most important things you should know about your church. Keep in mind these are things to measure about your church as an organization.  (This is NOT the top things to measure in terms of individual spiritual formation.)  I have told […]

3 Steps to Answer the Questions Everyone in Your Church is Asking


One of the staff members told me this recently, and it really felt like a stab! What!? Don’t know? Don’t understand? How can that be? We have communicated our vision and plan very well (I said to myself). Well…upon further investigation I came to realize many of those actually committed to the church, didn’t really […]

5 Changes That Increase Productivity


I was reading this recently in the CEO newsletter. I loved the info-graphic, and was intrigued by the biggest changes leaders need to make to become more productive.. The top five really resonated with me and I’ve listed them in my own words… #1 Have a task management system. You have to capture all that you […]

How to Create a Culture In Your Church

Cross Church Pinnacle Hills

To create a culture in your church, business or nonprofit organization, you must be clear about two things: your vision and mission. Vision is a future picture of what you see or what you want to become. Mission tells you why your church, business or nonprofit organization exists and what it does. An organization’s culture, […]

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