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Why We Eat Our OwnAll too often, Christians who are sinners themselves become judge, jury, and jailer of their brethren. In his newest release, Why We Eat Our Own, author and pastor Michael Cheshire boldly explores some unsavory questions. Why does the world often do a better of job of forgiving their fallen than the Church? When did the Church become cannibalistic? “Is the decline in Christianity due to the world or have we just become horrible to each other and the world noted it?”

Unashamedly calling for Christians to identify the attitudes that cause them to judge and discriminate against other Christians, Cheshire reminds us that Christians, of all people, believe in the Resurrection and the hope for redemption. “Perhaps, if we alter the way we treat each other and begin to show Christ’s love,” he suggests, “we might turn this trend around. To do this, we are going to have to be honest about the current condition of the church and begin to have very real conversations about words that may have lost their real meaning. Words like forgiveness, kindness and restoration. We are going to have to decide…

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seven-eleven Michael Cheshire had me at the title! I like to laugh, and I enjoy comedy, but there are admittedly very few books that can actually make me laugh out loud. But within the introduction to How to Knock Over a 7-Eleven, I knew I was in for a delightful read!

Michael’s story is a pretty great one. It’s a success story in the church planting sense (just check out the Journey Foothills website), but it’s also a Cinderella story. You’ll be rooting for the underdog from page one (especially the moment the Journey staff are literally running from some ominous dogs after a failed door-to-door canvassing attempt). It’s an honest story. It’s a picture of what it is to take a leap of faith with few resources and no guarantees. It’s exactly what I needed to be reading at the outset of planting a new church in northwest Arkansas.

What is How to Knock Over a 7-Eleven about? According to the book’s website

true underdog story. Journey with these young leaders as they do church their way. A diner, driving school and an odd jobs company are just…

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