• Dear Pastor Gray,

    I have been a student, teacher and consultant in organizational planning and leadership for over 30 years, and I think you have wrapped this up very completely and succinctly.

    I am also very gratified to know that pastors do care about organizational leadership and organizational life, because how we lead people and organizations in the business world is clearly a testament to our christian values and our faith.  If we are leading an organization that has one of more of the 9 characteristics noted above, I believe it is our obligation as followers of Christ to take a hard look at what we are doing (or allowing to be done).  Not just because it’s “good for business”, but because we are to be witnesses in our daily life as well as leaders in Christ’s mission.


    Jim Stodd
    JT Stodd & Associates

    • Amen Jim!  

      Imagine the powerful witness Christ-followers we would be if we led and created healthy organizational environments?

      Thanks for the encouragement!