• Nick Zeman

    My feelings about all of this is: Whatever you preach, its all about quality and not so much about quantity. I think when you preach for close to an hour, whatever you preach about should be challenging and edifying to your congregation. My biggest pet peeve is when pastors who preach close to an hour tell pointless jokes. I mean, people are only interested in the truth and the pore pointless things you talk about, the more disinterested they become. Another pet peeve is during the praise and worship service part, they will sing three songs, then ten minutes of announcements, then two more songs. Then for 10 minutes the pastor will have everyone stand up while he prays. At the conclusion of the prayer everyone sits down then, the pastor says, “To prepare for this sermon, we have this song.” By then I’m anxious for the sermon to start! I think the praise and worship should be the appetizer for the flock and the preaching of the word of God should be the main course. To overfeed with praise and worship that seems out of order and tell pointless jokes to me is spiritual junk food. I think a good sermon can be just a little over 30 minutes as long as it addresses the important points of God while the praise and worship should be around 25 minutes as long as its done in an orderly fashion.

  • Thank you for sharing, this was very helpful.

  • Shona Sijin Marion McCarthy

    Wow! Never thought I’d see a Ps. say such things! But it’s so true!

  • Roy Condrey

    I think every preacher has stumbled into at least one of these. And I know I really dislike it when I am listening to a sermon and one or more of these things happens. It really does become a turn-off, snooze- fest, check-out, what’s for lunch, who should i start this afternoon type of sermon.

  • Thank you. I really enjoyed this post.

    I especially liked your point about lazy conclusions. I would rather have a abrupt landing, than go on circling the runway. However, I see your point that both are lazy conclusions. Certainly, more work should be done to ensure the sermon has a smooth landing.

    May God help us be more effective instruments in His hands!

    • Thanks Pradeep! Yeah, an abrupt conclusion is better than rambling, but a little more intentionality will go a long way.

      • I am a preacher and I try not to preach long,I was told never let the people be happy to see you sit down.