How did this make an impact?

  1. Most people work from Monday to Saturday, so Sunday is the only day they can do other things, so when your church service takes majority of their time, I can assure you will lose these members. Some pastors can preach for more than four hours on Sunday for one service. It is a rare thing to find a preacher who can hold his audience captive for more than an hour.

    Some people leave the church because of controlling and poor leadership as well.

  2. I thought it was just me who had these thoughts for sooooo long. Great writing and straight to the point!!!!

  3. Good points. Also rabbit-trailing around on only slightly relevant side points. Also preaching on something kind of cryptic, like from the Old Testament, and trying to stretch and force it to apply to modern life.

  4. Yes I bumped this with the hopes that one Pastor might see.
    Please stop.
    Please. 10-12minutes and nail the point home!
    We will receive the message better.

  5. ALL Protestant sermons are too long.
    Stop encouraging them! Stop teaching them to preach over 20 minutes. The middle of the service is the doldrums. 40 minutes of just sitting there, hearing the room squeak. Trust me, you are losing newcomers.

  6. If I could add one. There are ways to lose people before your sermons. Like taking too long with church announcements after 2 songs where announcements sometimes last 10 minutes, followed by 2 or 3 more songs. Then after the pastoral prayer, which may last 10 minutes, the pastor decides to throw in a “special song” just to fill up time. To me, it’s not very efficient. My take is: get your announcements done first, then all of your songs, followed by the pastoral prayer before starting the sermon. To me, anything before the sermon is the appetizer, while the sermon is the main course. When you overstuff with the appetizer, people don’t have room for the main course and push it away. In like fashion, when you overdo things on the praise and worship side, which I know includes announcements, and the pastoral prayer, and don’t transition well to the sermon, people may push the sermon away with their minds wandering to other things like lunch and fantasy football. Just my opinion.

  7. If a pastor is obviously targeting a specific person or persons in the congregation those persons leave!! All too often there has been no real communication and the comments are based on a misunderstanding of the situation involved. People feel that this is very unfair. It is likely to be due to a personal agenda and prejudice against the target. It is also cowardly. People want to be spoken to face to face.

  8. That is why it is IMPORTANT to allow the Holy Spirit to do the preaching. I am firm believer in the Holy Spirit doing it ALL. And the FLESH won’t have to do no work at all when the Spirit is in control. That part right there ” 3. TMI (Too Much Information)……. I agree with that wholeheartedly! Give some info. and then tell the people, how the Word is going to help them today. In other words, INCORPORATE The Word of God,back into today’s society. And let the Holy Spirit, tell people how the Word is going to help them today in this day and time. Here’s what I call it ” PREACHING TOO OLD ” Using all those big words no one understands Leaned in some school. and it makes people leave and not want to listen. I say this ” JUST PREACH THE EXACT WORD IN THE BIBLE AND IT WON’T BE NO CONFUSION ” And allow the Holy Spirit to flow thorough you when preaching. And this part here ” 8. Christian Words Without Explanations” I can’t stand that. I will say this ” What good is it being a preacher and you can’t teach it ” And that only comes through the Holy Spirit. One that is TRULY called. Others wise it’s flesh preaching without understanding. I see it all the time. This part ” 4. Long Introductions ” It’s okay if it is 10 mons or more. As long as the Holy Spirit is doing the talking. Most pastor do give introductions that last about 15 mins sometimes little longer. It is not how long it is lasting it is what you are saying that matters. Is it catching the ears of the people? is the question. Makes me no difference how they do it as long as the Holy Spirit is allowing it and in it. Word of God say in, John 7:17-18 If anyone is willing to do His will, he will know whether the teaching is of God or whether I speak on My own accord and by My own authority. 18 He who speaks on his own accord seeks glory and honor for himself. But He who seeks the glory and the honor of the One who sent Him, He is true, and there is no unrighteousness or deception in Him…AMP… And this one right here ” 2. Too Many Points ” I agree with that. To many points on the persons in the Bible. Just give a little history like I said earlier and then tell the congregation once again how is it going to help them in today’s world. And the Only way to do that is to let the Holy Spirit do it and not the flesh… last but not least. This part right here “1. Sloppy Transitions ” You just told a great story. It was funny and thought-provoking. But as
    soon as the story ended you suddenly switched direction and started
    talking about something else. ” ..If it is under the Holy Spirit. And you switch and go into another direction. It is called ” EXPOSITORY PREACHING. And preaching with AUTHORITY at that. Again from the Anointing of the Holy Spirit… Best advice for that is this, Stop trying to be an entertaining preacher. Just trying to wins excitement from the congregation and let the WILL of the Holy Spirit work. Be serious when giving the word of God. Hear what the Spirit is saying and not the flesh. Let the Holy Spirit give the sermon and NOT YOU….Over all. Great pointers. Thank you! And Bless you.

  9. My feelings about all of this is: Whatever you preach, its all about quality and not so much about quantity. I think when you preach for close to an hour, whatever you preach about should be challenging and edifying to your congregation. My biggest pet peeve is when pastors who preach close to an hour tell pointless jokes. I mean, people are only interested in the truth and the pore pointless things you talk about, the more disinterested they become. Another pet peeve is during the praise and worship service part, they will sing three songs, then ten minutes of announcements, then two more songs. Then for 10 minutes the pastor will have everyone stand up while he prays. At the conclusion of the prayer everyone sits down then, the pastor says, “To prepare for this sermon, we have this song.” By then I’m anxious for the sermon to start! I think the praise and worship should be the appetizer for the flock and the preaching of the word of God should be the main course. To overfeed with praise and worship that seems out of order and tell pointless jokes to me is spiritual junk food. I think a good sermon can be just a little over 30 minutes as long as it addresses the important points of God while the praise and worship should be around 25 minutes as long as its done in an orderly fashion.

  10. Thank you for sharing, this was very helpful.

  11. Shona Sijin Marion McCarthy September 24, 2013 at 4:51 am

    Wow! Never thought I’d see a Ps. say such things! But it’s so true!

  12. I think every preacher has stumbled into at least one of these. And I know I really dislike it when I am listening to a sermon and one or more of these things happens. It really does become a turn-off, snooze- fest, check-out, what’s for lunch, who should i start this afternoon type of sermon.

  13. Thank you. I really enjoyed this post.

    I especially liked your point about lazy conclusions. I would rather have a abrupt landing, than go on circling the runway. However, I see your point that both are lazy conclusions. Certainly, more work should be done to ensure the sermon has a smooth landing.

    May God help us be more effective instruments in His hands!