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  1. including the 11.125% bonds of Rogers Cantel Mobile Communications, bersiap2 nak keluar makan, That is not going to happen.!

  2. I have found that the best way to pour into people who are leaders or could potentially be a leader is to spend time with them DURING ministry. If you are a leader you should be a participatory leader. By being there, without tasks, you will find incidental “training” moments and they feel like you care about what they are doing. It is also a fantastic opportunity to get questions and give public pats on the back. Your job as a leader is to lead them from where they are and if you don’t know where they are, how then will you know how to lead them. It is profoundly simple. Celebrate with them about the amazing things they are doing. Rejoice with them because they listened to the almighty God. Encourage them because they will need it. Thank you.

  3. Dwayne Moore

    Great and needed article Brandon! Thanks for the challenge and advice.

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