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  • Hi Brandon

    Your blog post 8 Questions for Churches at a Crossroads about your thoughts on changes in the church inspired me to leave a comment. I enjoyed reading the blog post and found value in it.

    I can’t stop thinking about what you wrote: “we’re only planting one-fourth of the number of new churches needed to keep pace with America’s current population growth”, although I do not live in America, I find this development worth trying to change.

    I appreciate that you mentioned this discussion. As you say “churches must change and adapt if they will remain relevant to the culture.”

    While reading your post, I came to think about that sometimes we have to let go of old habits and traditions to let something new grow that’s compatible with the times and culture we as Christians live in today.

    My favourite point from your list was the question if we’re able to create a safe place for people to deal with their hurts, habits and hang-ups in the light of the Gospel.

    After reading your blog post one question popped into my mind.

    What would you answer, if young people asked you why they should attend a church?

    Thanks a lot for sharing your opinion on this topic. I’ll share the blog post on my FB Page & Twitter.

    In appreciation,
    Edna Davidsen

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  • Chris

    After having attended four churches (three of which the Pastors had girlfriends…two of which left their respective churches) we no longer attend a formal church, per se. We have joined the growing population leaving the church, but not the Church, to join the home church movement. It doesn’t require big buildings or budgets or a large number of people. It closely follows the community model in the Bible, is very common in the mission field, and has strong discipleship components.